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Cloning GPT SSD to larger SSD - sector by sector?

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    Cloning GPT SSD to larger SSD - sector by sector?

    Hi, I'm wanting to upgrade my Laptop's SSD from a 256GB disk to a 512 one, so i figured i'd clone the entire disk as is, then enlargen the data partition to fill the rest of the drive, using something like Paragon? (I have a spare PC so i can connect both disks at the same time when i clone them).

    Now, I was planning on doing a sector-by-sector copy, so that every peice of data on the new SSD is identical to the old one, so that i can connect the new SSD into my laptop and as much as possible will remain the same in terms of file locations etc.

    Yet i've seen on one of the UEFI tutorials that I shouldn't do a sector by sector clone on a GPT disk, because the UID numbers for the partitions will be the same as on the old disk, yet surely this is what I want in my case? As i'm only going to be using the one drive at any one time (going from the older to the newer one). Is this OK, can I still do a sector-by-sector clone in my case?

    Let me know what you think, or whether I should be using a different method?

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    The UUID is internally used by Windows to identify the device and use it to mount the HD so if you clone sector by sector and connect both drives to the same PC, Windows will see the conflict and put one offline. It is OK if you use on another PC or connect only one to the same PC.

    You can use Macrium Reflect Free to clone the SSD. After installation, click on Other Tasks->Edit Defaults from the menu->Backup to set the option. See the screen shot:

    Click image for larger version
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    If you are going to a larger SSD, you do have the option of making a System Image and restoring it to the larger drive. But depending on what type of partitions are on your current install, it may not pick up all of them, such as a Recovery Image Partition or any OEM type partitions. WBadmin.exe might help in capturing all partitions...
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Cloning GPT SSD to larger SSD - sector by sector?
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