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Cannot access US websites due to out of country install

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    Cannot access US websites due to out of country install

    Hi everyone,

    My mother's laptop was bought in Taiwan and the installation of Windows 8 was also done in Taiwan. For some reason, when she was in Taiwan, she was unable to access any US websites without a VPN....the technicians in Taiwan said that it was "inevitable" (whatever that means)...and now she's back in the US and she STILL can't connect/access any US websites (even just google). If she wants to access google, she can only access the taiwan version (i.e. Google). If she wants to access US google or ANY US websites while she's IN the US, she still has to use VPN.

    Is there a way we can fix this or is there an actual logic to this? Please help. Thank you!


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    I wish to verify something, Windows key + X and select command prompt (Admin) and type slmgr/xpr and return, what is the result on the pop up window.
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    Hi, actually I fixed it. It turns out that it was more of an issue of having the internet being connected but not being able to be "seen" by websites. I did the command prompt of "netsh winsock reset" and it worked. It also fixed the problem of not being able to set her homepage to google (US) and see other US websites.

    Thank you!
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    Good news, but does not explain why you were not able to view US websites!
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    True...very good point....
    The result of what you asked was: "Windows (R), Core edition: The machine is permanently activated".
    What does this imply?
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    If there is no other way the vpn connection will allow connection.

    Click image for larger version
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Cannot access US websites due to out of country install
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