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Surface Pro 3 will not boot from USB

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    Had the same issue as OP. Checked my USB Drive's file system on Main PC using Mini Tool Partition Wizard.
    Some how the file system on the USB had gone from FAT32 to NTFS after moving the restore files over.
    I converted it back to FAT32 using Mini Tool and then it worked just fine !!

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    Hi all, i have had the same issue you have been having getting the Surface 3 to USB boot. I have finally solved it.

    First I was starting with a fresh system that we are getting ready for our users. We put a custom windows 8 image on them using MDT.

    I first had to boot up the surface with the stock image and run Windows update to install a firmware patch from 5/19/15.

    Then when i rebooted i was able to enter the bios by holding the Volume Up button.
    There are now some other options avail in the bios that were not there before, mainly the boot options were changed.
    I selected usb->ssd and saved.
    The system rebooted from the USB stick in the side of the surface (finally!)

    I have test so far with a boot drive i made with rufus (the instructions are in this thread somewhere), mainly if was formatted with fat32 and not NTFS, and no MBR record.

    Hope this helps some of you.
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    I've successfully reset my Surface 3 back from Windows 10 to 8.1 using the recovery USB I made before install 10.
    At the beginning, I met the same problem that seems not able to boot from USB. However, it DID boot from USB, just the UI looks the SAME as Windows 10. The target system to reset was only Windows 10 for me, but it is FAKE. It restore 8.1 image from USB with this option, just as How to Reload Windows 8.1 on Your Surface Pro Tablet said "You’ll want to select the one that you want to wipe… even if it says Windows 10 or something else. It doesn’t matter, because it’ll reload from the USB drive you created.".
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    In my case the problem was having disabled “Boot from side USB” in UEFI advanced security settings. After enabling this my SP3 boots fine from USB.
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    Booting Surface 3 from USB (might work for Pro)

    Ok to boot from USB on a Surface 3 you need to switch your surface on holding down volume up button. When in EFI bios, disable secure boot. Save and restart. Once win10/8 has loaded up sign in and open up start>settings>update&security>recovery>advancedrecovery(restart now) Select boot from USB when it restarts. Important last note, write down your bitlocker code before starting either of the above, as you will need to enter this code the first time you boot windows after turning off secure boot. Enjoy
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    Quote Originally Posted by buda56 View Post
    See this post, I have tried this and successfully booted to the USB setup using Rufus, FAT32, and GPT partitioning, not MBR.

    I want to emphasize this post, and add a little. My Surface 3 was not bootable. It had the Tech Preview on it, and was reporting a blue screen error on reboot. Since I could not boot into Windows, none of the suggestions on this thread that were related to taking actions within Windows were useful.

    The most important point is that the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool will not work. It formats the USB drive as NTFS. Here are the steps I had to take:

    • Create the bootable USB drive using Rufus rather than the USB/DVD Download tool.
    • Hard shut down the Surface by holding down the power button for about 15 seconds.
    • Press the power button and volume DOWN button simultaneously, and then release them after the Surface logo appeared.

    At that point I finally booted from the USB stick and was able to delete my primary partition, recreate it, and install Windows 10 from scratch.

    Obviously this will completely wipe out your existing Windows installation. If you need to try to recover your existing files or Windows installation, don't do this.
    Last edited by xiard; 22 Sep 2016 at 09:51. Reason: Clarifying that Windows will be erased
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Surface Pro 3 will not boot from USB
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