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Stuck with e mail account

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    Stuck with e mail account

    Please bear with me- I'm a complete 8.1 newbie and flabbergasted by the new screens!

    When I first started my Dell XPS 15 yesterday with W 8.1 I was forced to enlist @
    Now I have an e mail acct I will never use plus my own...
    And two login instances.

    Can I get rid of this outlook account?

    Is there any way to just enter a short password (which I need because I have a homegroup), as I had in W7 ?
    I'm the only one here so I feel the risk is low.

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    You might want to look into using a "Local" account instead of a Microsoft account. That's what I do. See Local Account - Switch to in Windows 8
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    Quote Originally Posted by Itaregid View Post
    You might want to look into using a "Local" account instead of a Microsoft account. That's what I do. See Local Account - Switch to in Windows 8
    You also might want to install Classic Shell, it will save you a lot grief, makes your computer just like Win 7 on steroids
    You would also probably want to turn off one drive, Sync, and update for Apps.
    I don't know about home group. But peer to peer standard workgroup. So you would set up your local account the same as on your other networked computers. Set your Sharing and Security as you do for your other networked computers.
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    Classic Shell is nice (and free), but I much prefer Start8. Start8 brings back the familiar W7 Start Orb and Start Menu and lets you boot directly to the Windows Desktop instead of the Windows 8 "Start Screen" that so many people dislike (though you can do that now with W8.1). With Start 8, W8.x works and looks and feels almost exactly like the familiar W7. It cost $5 (after a 30-day trial period), but it is well worth it IMO. And, even at just $5, it has the "polished feel" I expect from a paid product that may not be seen in some free alternatives.

    That said, the vast majority of W8 users that actually took the time to get used to the new Start Screen actually like it.
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    I've bought Start8 right away, read many rave reviews, also here in The Netherlands.
    Will it also take care of the e mail account removal?
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    Will it also take care of the e mail account removal?
    Nope. You are stuck with that email account forever! As in, until the end of time. Now whether you decide to use it or not is up to you. But if you don't want to enter an email address when logging in, you should change to a local account, as described above.
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Stuck with e mail account
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