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Windows 8.1 Activation failed on cloned drives

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    According to the EULA for Windows 8 retail

    bla bla one copy on one computer (the licensed computer)
    Where a computer is
    a hardware system (whether physical or virtual) with an internal storage device capable of running the software. A hardware partition or blade is considered to be a computer. The software is licensed to run on only one processor on the licensed

    I'm not a lawyer but there are plenty of people with opinions one way or the other as to whether running 2 separate versions one for games and one not constitutes two or one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrmajestic View Post

    Maybe I was a bit fuzzy with the question. I meant if I activate now, will it fail yet again because the first installation/hardware is still in Microsofts system attached to my key? Not switching drives for arguments sake.

    Just tying to figure out why this doesnt work, since it did on Windows 7. Swapping disks with a cloned installation that is.
    In Windows 7 Software protection (sppsvc.exe) was static and only ran when called... thus moving an activated system to new hardware will remain as is (if not manually running sppsvc) - i.e. the activation server won't know about the new hardware.

    In Windows 8 it is a scheduled service - thus even if an activated system is moved to new hardware - as soon as the service runs on schedule it checks online with the new hardware configuration - and you will then be flagged.
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Windows 8.1 Activation failed on cloned drives
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