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PRE installing an SSD with linux

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    PRE installing an SSD with linux

    Hi!, I wonder if i could hook up my new Kingston SSDNOW W300 120Gb ssd to my main computer with windows 8 ( Crappy 1Tb Seagate SSHD ) And install linux on the ssd. So when me and my friends motherboard finaly arrive i will be able to just hook up the ssd and go right into linux?
    Also i want to be able to temporarily play around in linux with the main computer ( Boot into linux instead of win 8. ) to play around and install the things i want

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    You don't actually install "Linux" -- since that is an operating system kernel; instead, you install a distribution (known as a Distro), such as Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, etc.

    You most certainly CAN install a Distro to the SSD, just be sure to NOT have the Seagate drive connected at the time -- to prevent accidentally installing GRUB to the Seagate and thereby, probably hosing up the Windows boot.

    Also, while the same Distro is likely to work when you connect the SSD to your new motherboard, realize that the onboard devices are likely to be quite different, and while Linux distros typically handle this well, there is a strong possibility that if the devices on the motherboard are very new, there will not be Linux drivers for them -- which you will find out when you try to boot from and use the SSD on the new motherboard. If that proves to be the case (no Linux drivers), you'll have to live without using that hardware until drivers come out.
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    Oohh yeah.. Forgot the devices has to bee compatible?
    Using AMD A10 7700K, Gigabyte A88X Mini-Itx WIFI, 8Gb Corsair Veangence Pro 2133Mhz Ram, Kingston ssdNow 120Gb v300.
    So i think it should work. The mobo may be changed out. We've had some problems right now with it... But i've checked and the mobo supports Linux!.

    I just want to install a clean linux install on the ssd to set up the game servers and teamspeak server etc: ( its a game server computer ) and wondered if i could put the ssd in. Partition 20% of the ssd to be non usable ( safety thing for filling ) and putting in downloaded files into the ssd. Then boot via the ssd. set it up and when the motherboard arrives its just to plug and play.. And install necessary drivers
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    I understand what you want to do ... I'm just saying that what your proposing may not work.

    Things to consider:
    1) When you install a Linux distro to the SSD it IS going to add the necessary drivers for the hardware components it finds. IT does that automatically as part of initial setup. It's not something you do manually. So, when done, it will have drivers installed to the SSD.
    2) The new motherboard is almost certainly going to have different hardware. When you connect the SSD, it will do a hardware scan (like it did during install) and attempt to install the needed drivers for the new components. If it finds drivers for the all, you will be good to go, but if it does not, you will have some hardware that doesn't work.
    3) If, among the things that do not work is the Networking, then you're going to have a really hard time getting drivers.

    So, basically, what I recommend is making a bootable USB installer of the Distro you want to use on the new motherboard. When it arrives, boot from that and run the Distro in Live mode. That will allow you to see what hardware works, and what does not. Then, you can use your still working machine to search for the drivers needed, put them on a USB stick, and have them ready when you connect the SSD to the new motherboard.

    For more details, you should really visit the forum of the Distro you plan to install. They will be able to provide you more detailed help about installation and drivers.
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PRE installing an SSD with linux
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