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Printer Setup Problem, Windows Media Center Excellent

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    Printer Setup Problem, Windows Media Center Excellent

    I'm very impressed with the setup of Windows Media Center. It found my Hauppauge card and setup my TV channels very quickly. The online programs and Netflix work well to.

    Then there is my USB attached printer. My system is a dual boot. The HP1160 printer showed up in the printers section for Windows 8 and was even indicated as default. However, it wouldn't print. I uninstalled it then used Advanced Printer Setup to re-install and it came up as HP1160 (Copy1). That works and can be accessed from other computers on my network but it is inconvenient because depending on which system I have booted to 7 or 8 my wife has to select the appropriate printer name. I guess this is a dual boot problem and not that critical but it would have been nice to keep the same printer name.

    My solution is to install a network print server as my color printer is already a network attached printer and that works well in all situations.

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    Try deleting the printers. Reboot. Then add only one instance of the printer. If it doesn't print, I've seen people saying to disable bi-directional communications in the settings and it fixes it.

    The ironic thing is that someone here in my home was having a problem printing in Windows 7, after it worked well for months. I enabled bi-direction communication and it worked again. I have no clue how it got changed and I know the person did not do it himself. He is the type that asks me how to open a .pdf file when Adobe Reader is already installed and set to open them, lol.
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    Apparently, MS released a patch on Windows Update 2 days ago:

    A USB printer does not work in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    "Consider the following scenario. You have a USB printer installed on a computer that is running Windows 8 Consumer Preview. The printer driver uses a downlevel language monitor. In this scenario, the USB printer does not work."

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    Actually the printer works well. Its something to do with the dual boot situation. I'm sure I had all the updates at the time but the one you mention my not have been available yet.
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    The network print server was a disaster. The printer is now working attached to the dual boot computer but a selection has to be made at the other computers on the network depending on which system 7 or 8 is up on the printer host computer. Not a big problem but an actual network printer would be nice.
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    Hi there
    people seem to have a lot of problems with printer set up either sharing or direct

    Here's how to set USB printers up on W8 CP

    Note that if there REALLY isn't a driver for your printer then you are "stuffed" but most common makes all work.

    To install USB Printer either directly or SHARED

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Printer Setup Problem, Windows Media Center Excellent
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