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Removing windows 8 and installing windows 7

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    Removing windows 8 and installing windows 7

    Hey guys im trying to remove windows 8 on my older bros laptop as im not very fond of it. Tried using a windows install cd to wipe the hdd clean and just install windows 7 but when i try to boot up the cd it tells me "the selected boot devices failed" Whats up with this as its my first time with windows 8 not really familiar with it

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    I strongly recommend you keep Windows 8. It's a good OS, just needs a tweak or two. It's fast and very reliable.

    The main thing you need to do is install one of the Start Menu programs like Classic Shell (free) or Start8 from Stardock ($4.99). That will give you back a normal Start button and you'll boot directly to the Desktop instead of the Modern (I phone look) Desktop. If you want, you can completely disable the hot corners and edge swipe support so you'll never even see the Modern Desktop unless you press Ctrl+C.

    This is what my Desktop looks like and I boot directly to it when I turn on my computer:

    Click image for larger version

    As the image shows, I use Gadgets (I like the weather one) and Quick Launch. It looks and feels very much like Windows 7 yet has the performance and security enhancements in Windows 8.
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    With Classic Shell I'm having no issues running Win8.1. I do have a Touchscreen monitor on my Desktop but don't use it much. It's actually easier on my Dell Inspiron 15R Notebook [screen is closer when working on the Notebook].
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Removing windows 8 and installing windows 7
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