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Installing Win8 on a new disk boot issues

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    Installing Win8 on a new disk boot issues

    Before, my PC was setup like this:
    - disk0: windows xp
    - disk1: windows 7
    Bios boot priority set to disk1.
    So no boot loaders, when I (rarely) need xp, I would switch via bios

    Now I wanted to try Win8, so I've
    - download 'Win8.1 Enterprise Evaluation' and burnt on a dvd
    - bought and connected a new disk (disk2)
    - boot from dvd, installed choosing the new disk2

    Now, everything works fine, win8 got installed on disk2.
    But the strange thing is this:
    - if, from bios, I choose disk2, it says the disk is not bootable
    - choosing disk1, a boot loader shows up, letting me choose between win7 and win8.1
    (- choosing disk0, nothing has changed, xp starts like before)

    So, I'm confused. I was expecting win8 booting from the new disk2.
    - why disk2 doesn't boot?
    - would have been better physically disconnecting disk0 and disk1 before installing?

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    AFAIK, Windows 8 bootloader installs to the first disk in the boot order...thus best to change the boot priority to the disk that's being installed to, rather than physically disconnecting them.
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    Ah, that makes sense.
    So to fix this I guess I can phisically connect on drive at a time and repair it booting from the proper installation dvd, and running something like
    bootrec /fixboot
    bootrec.exe /fixmbr
    (maybe tools like EasyBCD can do the same thing but I'm not sure I want to learn using it just for this)
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    win8: using the repair option from the installation dvd fixed everything
    win7: the repair option didnt work, so its been easybcd to remove the win8 entry + bootrec

    thanks, bye
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Installing Win8 on a new disk boot issues
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