Hi everyone,

i created various flashdrives with win to go 8.1. i did it manually (diskpart, etc),i used WinToUSB,i used AOMEI Partition Assistant, all in all i have used 4 drives. 2 x USB3,2 x USB2. In all cases the results were the same, no matter on which machine i use it ...
Windows seems to start, i see the blue logo, the loading circle doing it's thing, but that's it ... firsts i thought i just need to be more patience, but i'm running this now for roundabout 4 hours on my notebook, and nothing happens...
sooo, what's the trick ? is there some kind of magic BIOS setting i need to set for booting all the way through ?
I'm trying this now for a week, i don't know what else to do :/
Thanks in advance for a tip.