Hello everyone,

After having successfully installing a dual boot between 7 and XP on a desktop a few years back, I decided to have a go at it with my Win8 laptop.

I followed the same instructions posted on the sevenforums, but this time I've run into some issues.

Firstly, I will note that my Windows 8 partition has remained untouched, in fact XP mounts it as an NTFS drive as it should. However, when I first booted XP, the C: drive was System Reserved, D: was XP, and E: was Windows 8. Not sure if this matters. Anyway, after installing EasyBCD and setting the proper MBR, Windows 8 Blue screens and goes back to attempting repairs which invariably fail after some time. Running the bootrec commands from the recovery console results in windows 8 to BSOD on boot only returning the error code 0xc0000001.

I've tried just about every bootloader recovery method I know, including rebuilding it manually via cmd (neosmart's tutorial) and using automated tools like EasyBCD. I'm stuck at the moment and was wondering if anyone has some insight on getting 8 up and running again. As previously mentioned, the Windows 8 partition has been completely untouched. I'm typing this from XP as I'm able to repair install back into it after tinkering with the MBR.

At this point I'd like to get my Windows 8 installation back without having to download an OEM iso (I'm stationed in Africa and it's not easy). I know if I can get into 8 it won't be difficult to add the XP partition to the MBR.

If it means anything, when I boot to the recovery console, cmd returns the system reserved partition on C:, Win8 on E:, and XP on F: contrary to what's mapped when I boot XP.