I have two harddrives in my desktop. I used to use one for my Windows 7 boot and one for data.
Now I partitioned my C: drive for windows 7 as well as data, and I formatted my second HDD to install windows 8 on.

I burned my ISO to USB using rufus, no problems there. Once in the setup of windows 8, I used the command prompt to clean my disk and convert it to GPT. (I first tried to install windows 8 on a partition of the same disk win7 runs on, but I'd have to clean the disk to convert it, which would mean I'd lose my win7 boot and files).

The setup continues and all seems to go well. I get to the point where it says "Finalizing setup" and then it says it will reboot in 10 seconds. Now here's where the problem shows up. When it reboots, it restarts the setup all over again, instead of showing the usual "personalizing" phase.

I tried unplugging my USB during the reboot so it wouldn't boot to that, to no effect. I also checked in my UEFI setup what my primary boot device was: "Windows Boot Manager". If I changed it to either of the other two options (SATA's), it booted my Windows 7. It seems as though it doesn't properly display the disk to which I installed windows 8, as it either restarts the setup or boots the other OS.

If I check my disks when in Win 7, it shows the disk to which I installed win 8. It then has all the folders in it you'd expect when you installed an OS on it, such as Windows, Program Files, ...

The only thing I notice that might be strange during the installation process is that, when you check the drivers of the disk I'm installing to, it doesn't display any. In all the tutorials I've read through though, it doesn't say anywhere that you have to provide those yourself.

Any ideas as to what might be the problem?

Thanks in advance