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Attempting to Restore Gateway NE56R31u with Factory disks

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    Attempting to Restore Gateway NE56R31u with Factory disks

    Hello everyone.

    Long time viewer first time poster.

    I'm having an issue with a Gateway NE56R31u.
    The original hard drive has failed thus I am not able to utilize a restore partition.
    And of course, my customer did not have restore disks made. Long story short,
    I ordered the disks we needed from gateway and received them in and during the
    process of trying to boot the disks. The recovery setup is telling me to restart the
    computer and boot in 'Legacy Mode.' Which i thought was weird but i obliged. Unfortunately,
    when i restarted again and attempted to re-run the recovery disks, the setup then told me
    to restart in UEFI mode.

    The setup keeps kicking me back and forth between the two never making any progress.
    I'm stumped, i have no idea what to do from this point.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

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    Something here about enabling F12 key. Maybe you already did that.

    Gateway NE56R / NE51B User Guide / Manual
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    Thank you for your reply.

    I have tryed that. I can get it to boot into the recovery, however when i try to initiate the recovery process it prompts me to restart in UEFI mode. When I boot the recovery in UEFI mode it tells me to restart it once again, in
    Legacy mode. It keep going back and forth like that no making any progress.



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    May be someone here has a similar machine. Keep the thread alive, and someone could chime in.

    Have you tried with regular install.iso, not the manufacturer supplied thing?
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    Contact Gateway via Live Chat. They should be able to tell you how to use the Recovery Discs you purchased.
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    Thank you all for your replies.
    When i get to the shop tomorrow I will try
    suggestions that have been mentioned.

    Where can i download a ISO of windows 8 64-bit?
    And will it activate properly if it works?

    @Ztrucker - For whatever reason, that hasn't crossed my mind. Thank you for that suggestion.
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    If you have a retail key, you can download it from here. Upgrade Windows with only a product key - Windows Help

    Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ISO - Download or Create

    Upgrade Key with Full DVD - will it work?

    If you don't have a retail key, then it seems a lot of people have been grabbing it from around the net.

    It will probably pick up the key from the firmware. If not, you can find it yourself and enter it.
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    This vbs script will show your installed & OEM keys.
    Hope it helps---

    ShowKey v1.3.vbs

    Click image for larger version

    I have a set of recovery disks I bought from Gateway.
    5 disks.

    System disk.---1 of one
    Language disk---1 of 1
    Recovery disk--- 1 of 3
    Recovery disk---2 of 3
    Recovery disk--- 3 of 3

    I just started with disk #1 & followed the prompts for the rest of the procedure.
    No problems.

    You didn't try to format or repartition your computer ?
    None of that is necessary for the disks to work.

    edit--- It takes 2 or 3 minutes after inserting the System disk for anything to happen. Wait for it.

    edit #2--- If it helps, after restoring to factory settings, I upgraded to 8 Pro with my ProPack key & upgraded to 8.1 Pro from the Store for free.
    Last edited by David Bailey; 15 Jul 2014 at 00:42. Reason: added info
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    @David Bailey

    Do i need to have an OS installed to use the show key software or is it bootable?

    As of right now i dont have an OS on it.
    The arrangement of disks you have is the same i have. However, it will not let me boot off any but the 'System' Disks to start the install. If i try to use any other disks it just says ' No Bootable Media Found'.
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    Alright so i seem to have found a solution to my problem.
    It was simply the partition that was on the drive.

    Just to clarify for folks reading this post in the future-
    My Original issue was the Gateway Recovery was prompting me
    to switch between Legacy and UEFI mode before the setup would

    What i did to resolve this was completely delete the partition with
    Parted Magic, and restarted the Gateway Recovery session in UEFI
    mode and voila, its currently going through the setup and seems
    to be working flawlessly.

    -Delete ALL Partitions on the HDD with a partitioning tool.
    -Boot recovery 'System Disk' in UEFI mode
    -Learn to love windows 8.

    Thank you all for your help.

    #edit - I forgot to put the link to the solution.
    Recovery prompts to switch between Legacy and UEFI mode

    Thats where i found it.
    Thanks again!
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Attempting to Restore Gateway NE56R31u with Factory disks
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