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Fresh Windows 8.1 Install Problem. Cannot Format Drive.

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    Just as a side question, did you turn on AHCI mode for SATA in BIOS ?

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    My BIOS does not have the option of changing from AHCI mode. By default it is in that mode so sayeth HP.
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    You may wanna try creating a 2nd partition and using that - somehow windows prioritizes a system partition that cannot be formatted or something - a second one may be seen as 'non-system'...( the other cause is a 2nd HDD attached - not applicable in your case 'tho)
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    I tried doing that but still no luck, I can create partitions without any trouble but when it comes time to formatting they come up with an error. In CMD and Windows Installer I cannot format the partitions.
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    I am still trying to figure out what you mean by "formatting" the drive. All you are supposed to do is create a partition. Then install in that space.

    If you are trying to use some special process, please explain.

    Do you have a camera you can take a picture of the partitions window when you are setting that part up? You can attach images if you use the Advanced replies and the paperclip.
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    My apologies. I mean the FS will not change from a RAW format. Windows installer cannot do it and neither can CMD. When I enter the command "format fs=ntfs" it tells me that the parameters are incorrect.

    When windows tries to do this during the installation it tells me that "Windows could not format the partition".

    I will submit photos later when I can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sieg3n View Post
    Alright, so here is where I am at. I downloaded the firmware update but unfortunately my SSD already had the update.

    I am also noticing that whenever I partition my drive it immediately shows that I have 0 MB free on it. I have to CMD Clean it in order to get the space back.

    It is still not letting me format it into NTFS and it continues to tell me that the "Parameter is incorrect".
    It sounds like the SSD may have died. If so you'll need to get an RMA from Crucial to send it in for a warranty replacement. - Micron Consumer Product Group terms and conditions of sale - warranty
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    From what I have learned, you do NOT format your PC.
    You just install the new operating system because you need the present OS to be there.

    Formatting is nuts. Truly.
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    Considering the previous HDD flaked as well ,, maybe it's the SATA connector?
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Fresh Windows 8.1 Install Problem. Cannot Format Drive.
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