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help, wiped my hard drive and cant reinstall from my usb

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    help, wiped my hard drive and cant reinstall from my usb


    i wiped my pb eastnote TE (didnt really know what i was doing) i was restoring it to factory settings, i thought id just have put in my usb and it would reinstall everything for me, but it hasnt.. ive no idea what to do, error mes im getting it ;there was a problem while resetting your pc, all im getting is a blue screen, but the options they are giving me are not working

    thanks for looking

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    It would help if you explained exactly what you did, and what kind of USB media you have.

    For instance, when you say "I wiped", what exactly did you do? And is the USB a Recovery Drive that had the Factory Image on it, or something else?
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    hi saltgrass,

    thanks for the reply,

    my laptop was running a bit slow so i done a factory reset on it, which seemingly wiped everything from my laptop, (which took hours to do) the usb i have is the one i used to bk everything up when i bought the laptop last year... so yeah its a recovery drive... sorry for my lack of understanding, im a bit of a dinasour!

    when i put in the usb it says it says what language to set my pc at, then gives me an option to troubleshoot or to turn off pc, when i go into troubleshoot it gives me the following options:

    refresh ur pc
    reset your pc
    advanced options

    when i go into refresh ur pc it just says the drive where windows is stored is locked.

    when i go into reset ur pc it says yes, repartition the drives, and no, keep the existing partitians ( dont know what to do there so cancelled that one)

    then in advanced options:

    system restore: but wont let me do that

    system recovery: no idea what that is

    command prompt: comes up with a small black screen ( no idea what thats for)

    and last option is UEFI firmware settings

    and thats all the options im given.... ive really no idea what all that means

    automatic repair: goes into diagnosing my pc, then atempting to reset, then comes up automatic repair couldnt repair my pc
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    If you go into the Advanced options, you may see another advanced options which contains Startup Settings, and Startup Repair. The system may already have done this, but try the startup repair, and it may take more than one.

    If that doesn't work, the Command Prompt is what you can use to complete several commands to help obtain information on your system's condition to aid in troubleshooting.

    If you ever get to an option that recommends restoring, you may want to cancel out of that and see if it will boot.

    If you do end up doing a Reset, probably the option to keep the original partitions is what you want, but remember, you will loose your data and be returned to Windows 8. I have seen different options for a Reset, but normally it asks if you want to do just the drive where Windows is, or clean the drive, or keep your files. It might depend on exactly which Recovery Tools option you are using.
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    Along with making the backups on a new PC, many have a "recovery" partition on the hard drive that will allow restoring to the original factory condition. Dell has this, my Lenovo laptop has this, a friend's new HP laptop has this. How to access varies between vendor's, so check your PC vendor to see if you have this and how to access it.

    The factory restore will delete all user data, but as you "wiped" the PC any user data is probably gone anyway.
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    hay saltgrass and fireberd

    thanks for all the info

    i only have 1 option of advanced settings..... which are

    1: system restore.. use a restore point on ur pc to restore windows, ( which it cant do, ive tried doing that)

    2: system image recovery.. recover windows using a specific system image file.. when i go into this it says windows cant find an image on this computer

    3: automatic repair....when i click on that it tries to attempt repairs, bit then says automatic repair could not be done

    4: command prompt

    5: UEFI firmware setrtings

    the recovery tool i went for originally was reset your pc, to remove all files and reset ur pc completely, this took hours to complete, then when it had completed it said it couldnt reset my pc.....

    i dont understand why it just wont reinstall from my usb i really need comp classes

    thanks guys
    which has brought me here,

    im stumped!

    maybe i should just bring it to a repair shop...
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    The recovery partition I was referring to is accessed at power on, not from within Windows. For example on a Dell at power on there are several options, and F8 accesses the Recovery partition. Other brands have different F key sequences to access that.

    With the UEFI BIOS, and Windows set for fast boot you may not be able to see that on boot up. But, check with Samsung to see if that is there and if it is, how to access it.
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    Restore to Factory - according to the Users Guide:

    Click image for larger version
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help, wiped my hard drive and cant reinstall from my usb
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