hi just got my new computer and got an error "user profile can not be loaded" and it just keep on doing a loop and restarts. but it's not going to the log in screen where i could put my username and password to completely log in to my computer.

i did factory reset in the laptop using the pre installed OS on it and still i was able to set the language and the username and did even try using microsoft account and local account but still not working keep on getting the error upon finishing the set up and just waiting for the set up to be finalized.

i saw some recommendations online that a corrupted (CID) in the Registry is the one needed to be configured however can't even do that since it can't even finished the boot process cause it always get stuck at the finalization of the set up i created can someone help me on this... i'm using lenovo yoga pro 2 11

you can check the specs of my pc here Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Multimode Ultrabook | Multimode Laptops & Ultrabooks | Lenovo (US)