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New Acer Lap Top came with Linux - How to Install Win 7?

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    Calm down sir You are going to fix it in a few hours for free - look positive.
    Yes, agreed... I am much happier now

    But I'm also considerate of other people, and I hate injustice, because I had injustices done to me for years that were outta my control, so I'm feeling that...
    I think your anger might need to be with the seller. Don't know if Acer sells machines with no OS to retailers but that appears to be what happened. Then they (the seller) put that crappy DOS like Linux version on your laptop.

    They may even be removing the drive with the OEM OS on it then replacing it with the drive with Linux on it.
    You're right, it may be that it's the seller and not the producer (Acer)... Either way, somebody did this, and it's just a bad thing, in my opinion...

    Anyway, I am actually just turning on the lap top, hopefully it will load from USB (Windows 7).

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    Hm, the USB won't load from Boot...

    And when the lap top turns on and I enter My Computer and double-click on Setup.exe, nothing happens, absolutely nothing, no loading, no errors, Nothing...

    What now?

    EDIT: Even if I right-click on Setup.exe, and select "open with -> archive manager", it says "An error occured while loading the archive"
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    I was waiting. You may need to use a different utility to create the USB. Try this one: WiNToBootic - the ultimate Windows USB Boot Disk Maker

    There is also something called WinPE but let's wait on that until you see if the other works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by popeye View Post
    I was waiting. You may need to use a different utility to create the USB. Try this one: WiNToBootic - the ultimate Windows USB Boot Disk Maker
    Awesome, I was out of ideas...

    I'll get right on it...

    Thanks Popeye
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    Nope, same thing happens, doesn't boot from USB, and it doesn't want to react at all no matter which .exe file I click on after starting up the lap top and opening the USB's files...

    Well, I'll try to mount a Different Windows 7 ISO I got, one which has ONLY 64-bit Windows 7, and we'll see if anything changes... I have 4 different methods I've used up to now to create a Bootable USB drive, so I'll go through them one-by-one again using an Only 64-bit Windows 7 ISO...

    But feel free to contribute if you got any other ideas...
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    So sorry, this is new territory for me also, fresh Windows install from USB. Rather than reinvent the wheel I found this: How To Install Windows 7 From USB
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by justme View Post
    Thanks for the response. I am willing to do Anything popeye...

    But, I consider myself to be very knowledgeable when it comes to Windows 7 and XP in particular.

    But Linux, Ubuntu, I have never even seen these OS' in action. Is there a simple step by step tutorial I can get to install Linux Mint, or whichever OS is easiest/best to use??
    Hi there
    Try my post on installing Linux on a bootable external drive. It also adds Windows as a VM -- you can skip that bit though - just get the Linux system working.

    How to make Portable Windows system (any version)

    You should be able to disable protected boot in the BIOS and enable legacy boot so you don't have to boot UEFI.

    I just remembered this comment, I tried pressing F12 on start up, and it didn't work, it didn't do anything...

    Then I went into BIOS and changed the setting under:

    Main --> F12 Boot Menu | From Disabled to Enabled...

    Then I restarted and pressed F12 a few times on start up, it did do something, but apparently the USB is NOT recognizable.. Here's the picture I got:

    Click image for larger version
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    I assume the first one is my Linux Mint installation, and I have no idea what the other 2 are...

    But this means that the USB is not recongizable.

    However, we did use that same USB to install Linux Mint, so we already know it has nothing to do with the Lap top, nor does it have anything to do with the USB...

    So common sense would have it that it's just the way Windows 7 is put on the USB, or maybe the version of the Windows 7 I am using...

    Up until now I was trying a Windows 7 installation which has both 32-bit (X84) and 64-bit on it.. Now I'll try the 64-bit version only... I just got this 64-bit Only version of Win 7. Don't ask me how I got it, I won't say...
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    If I try the 4 different methods of mounting win 7 on a usb, with the new win 7 installation ISO, and that all fails...

    Then what I'll do is... We'll see, I have no idea...
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    Oh, and in his comment Jimbo45 says:

    "You should be able to disable protected boot in the BIOS and enable legacy boot so you don't have to boot UEFI."

    When I go into my BIOS, and then in Security, I have an option:

    "Secure Boot Mode" -> "Standard"

    However, it won't let me get there to see if it can be changed/disabled... mmm
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New Acer Lap Top came with Linux - How to Install Win 7?
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