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Removing Old OS Partition

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    Removing Old OS Partition

    good day folks, in a nutshell. my roommate did a thorough wipe of his c drive, then installed 7 then 8.1.1. for some reason he cannot boot in to the win 7 partition. after building up and getting 8.1.1 setup just the way he wants it he doesn't care about the 7 partition any more. i know i can go in delete the 7 partition, stretch 8.1.1 to fill the entire drive, but what i'm not sure of is if the boot info is on 7 or 8.1.1. i do know that once 8.1.1 is the only os i can go into msconfig and delete the win 7 entry. note since both partitions were created using partition wizard there is not 100mb reserved partition, so the boot information is either on 7 or 8.1.1. i also have a copy of Acronis True Image 2014 Premium. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi there
    I believe I posted this before so what I'd do is the following

    1) Backup your current system with Acronis (don't backup the W7 system) and ensure you have a Bootable Acronis system -- you can create it from within running windows using Acronis.

    2) get into command in administrator mode

    3) type the following commands in

    b) LIST DISK -- you'll see a list of disks - select the one you want to use -- probably in this case Disk 0 or Disk 1

    c) SELCT DISK 0 (assuming it's HDD nr 0)
    d) CLEAN
    f)ACTIVE ===> do this or HDD won't boot
    g) format fs=ntfs quick
    h) Assign

    Now boot your Acronis system and restore the W8.1 backup

    Boot it -- it might fail in which case simply use Windows recovery to Repair system - but it probably will be OK. (You don't need to create a Windows recovery disk if you've got a Windows install disk - that will work just fine.

    Job done.

    To re-size partitions download GPARTED or any Linux live CD which will have GPARTED in it -- now simply re-size your partition(s) at will.

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    thanks for the info, but i'm pretty sure i just need to delete the win 7 partition using partition wizard, stretch out the win 8.1.1 partition to fill the drive, make sure it's still marked active, reboot, msconfig to remove the win 7 entry. basically i'm just aking for confirmation on the procedure and which os the boot info is actually in since there is no reserved partition.
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    I used EasyBCD to move boot partitions.

    Have dual Linux and Windows 8.1.1 - on installation of the latter, boot was put onto my HDD instead of SSD on which I installed Windows...

    Used EasyBCD the to move the boot partition - it will create it the old DOS type menu - but I ran bcdboot %windir% thereafter to get the Windows 8 boot menu back.
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    o.k. install acronis, activated it, made boot media, created drive image. restarted the system, went in with partition wizard, deleted the 7 partition, stretched the 8.1.1 to fill the entrire drive, made active, rebooted and nothing. so wiped the drive, booted to the acronis boot media and no mouse or key board. ended up just wiping the drive and starting from scratch. rgank for the suggestions anyway guys, very much appreciated.
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Removing Old OS Partition
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