hdmi out
usb 3
mem: 4GB
cpu: AMDA63600 quad-core
Works fine with a panasonic 42inch LCD

Since this is so new, I thought that I would have no trouble installing Win8 preseason hype.
Wrong. Retrieved the 64bit iso and put it on a DVD. Wanted to put it on a VHD and have dual
boot so as not destroy the new win7 that came with the pc. Only got partway there.
Created the VHD and managed to format it to GPT. Booting from the ISO it was transferring
files when error 0x80300002 occurred. Will have to wait. Could a choice be added to
Disk Manager to reinitialize a VHD to GPT? Win 8 seems to want to add additional partitions - can
it do this within the VHD? Actually, I will probably wait and get a tablet with WIN 8 installed
before I do anything further. The new screen on the ipad seems to be an interesting direction, but
lots of $$$, which is why I and others get a gateway or make our own.

Ubuntu. Was able to dl the AMD 64-bit version of 12.04beta and put it on a 4GB sandisk using
Universal USB installer Booted from the USB and it proceeded to intall fine. Burped
at wireless connection and somewhere with installing some software. Failed. Think I will
try 11.10 iso and write it to CD and boot and install from there before trying to upgrade to 12..04.
Has anyone been able to install either WIN8 or Ubuntu on the Gateway sx2370? Win 7 works
very well on it so far. Reinstalled it once due to making a partition active with nothing on it so
I couldn't boot from it. The reinstall disks were made just after getting WIN7 working and before
connecting to the internet. Glad that these disks worked as advertised.