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Trying to reinstall Win 8

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    Trying to reinstall Win 8

    Hello everyone, i have a very very strange problem on my Dell N5110

    I did everything possible but the Laptop still works very slowly and i just want to reinstall my Win8 or even go back to Win7.
    As you all know once you put in your DVD or USB, you restart, you select (if not already selected) to boot your windows, next step, "Press any key to boot from DVD(USB)...." . The problem is, when i'm at this particular step, NOTHING works, aboslutly no button on my keyboard works no matter how many times i press anything.. naturally the Windows just moves on and loads the desktop...

    Are there any kind of drivers i might be missing?
    I tried using an external keyboard, no luck
    I entered the BIOS to check if there's something to do from there, no options regarding this problem...
    My BIOS is already updated to the latest version A11

    What's the matter here? I just want to reinstall my win and have it fresh and smooth...
    Is there any other way i can reinstall the Windows? Perhaps i can bypass the whole Press any key step and jump straight to the Setup of the Windows?

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    Hi, does the cd drive function normally whilst in Win 8 i.e will it recognise a music cd? I have had the problem where win 8 did not recognise the drive and a few solutions can be found here and on this board as well:
    Missing CD/DVD Drive for Windows 8 Professional - Microsoft Community

    Sounds like this is the case as its ignoring your boot options from the bios.

    If I was to reinstall everything, I prefer to start from scratch by deleting the partition and reformatting the hard drive and installing from the cd onto a clean harddrive.

    Saying that, I am assuming that you selected to boot from the cd drive within the bios?
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    You might try updating the BIOS. Not sure if Dell has a BIOS updater, but if you are still able to log into windows and you manage to find an updater, it would be a good idea to update it. I personally hate installing BIOS outside of the windows environment. If you can't find one, no worries.

    That particular laptop model was released for windows 7 before windows 8 came along, and it doesn't even have driver support for it. So windows 7 may be your best option for it, unfortunately.

    Here is a tutorial on downgrading: Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7
    Here is a tutorial on completely reinstalling (choose one that fits your situation): Clean Install Windows 7 - Windows 7 Help Forums
    Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version - Windows 7 Help Forums
    Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 - Windows 7 Help Forums
    ^ you must determine what kind of media you have for installation
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    As i said , the BIOS is updated...
    My cd drive is recognising everything i put in there, i load it, no problem. The bootable USB stick with win8 OR win7 on it IS recoginised by the laptop...
    The problem is that in that one particular moment where i simply have to just press A KEY, no key works... it just doesnt...
    I've read that this Laptop is not supposed to work with Win8... i don't know, the first time it worked, i installed it up from win7 and everything worked like a charm for about 2 months
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    Not an expert here by any means, but may I suggest you try refreshing win8. If it doesn't work you've only lost a few minutes.

    start page
    type: pc settings
    click the gear icon for pc settings
    on the left, bottom of list, Update and Recovery
    next list: Recovery
    top of main list: Refresh your pc without affecting your files Click < Get started>
    follow prompts
    this will remove all third-party programs unless bought from the app store
    it will reset everything to factory default
    it may fail to eliminate some forms of malware
    You might have some other reason to downgrade, other than just getting your computer to run at normal speed.
    easier than reformatting, downgrading
    should take only a few minutes with only the instructions you see here.
    You will probably still have all your files, like photos and saved documents
    It's not as destructive as wiping the disk. (granted, also not as sure of succeeding)
    You can always proceed to those other solutions if this doesn't work.
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    but i have no Update and Recovery option... on the bottom is Windows update
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    win 8.1

    I just now did it on a laptop and there was an intervening screen, with
    windows update
    file history
    clicking < recovery > next screen had < update and recovery >
    click that
    <refresh your pc without affecting your files>

    screens are in slightly different order and look different on my desktop
    The desktop has had secure boot disabled.
    hope maybe this helps. As I mentioned above, I am not any sort of expert. Just relaying what has worked for me.
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    Found it, had mine in General - Refresh , i'll give it a try, thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by penguinmeister9 View Post
    Found it, had mine in General - Refresh , i'll give it a try, thanks
    you may/will need to put win8 dvd In the drive to do the refresh
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    Quote Originally Posted by penguinmeister9 View Post
    The problem is that in that one particular moment where i simply have to just press A KEY, no key works...
    Concerning your Press any Key problem
    Make sure the Chipset is updated. There were 4 separate downloads when I checked. It is listed under windows 7 drivers, not 8's. If you have anything other than a basic keyboard, you may need to install the software for it.

    Not sure if it will work, but if it allows you to update the BIOS over the same version BIOS as you have, there is a chance it will reset it to normal. As it is a laptop, not sure how you would be able to reset the BIOS any other way. This may (or may not) help with the keyboard problem if nothing else is working.

    For now, I would stick with the refresh option. It would be even better if you had windows 7 installed, due to your unique problem. How did the refresh turn out?
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Trying to reinstall Win 8
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