So I have a removable SSD so that I could install O/S to suit. I installed Windows 8.1 Pro on it and had 2 3GB data drives attached. Changed these to GPT volumes and windows didn't like it and I had to do a repair on it. Repaired okay.
Tonight I decided I wanted to try out Server 2012 R2 to see if I should update my 2008 R2 version or not. Popped out the SSD and slipped the blank one in. Install picked up off my USB stick and started the install. Got to the part to select the drive to install on and it throws up an error 80300024. Check to see if it will install on the GPT drives but no way it says.

Looking it up it seems that Windows does not like a previous O/S even though the actual drive has gone. Only way to get it to install is to remove the plugs on the other two drives until it is installed and then it will be okay. What a right pain that is because the plugs are under the video card so it has to come out to do it.
Supposedly this was on a bug list with Windows 7. Guess they forgot there bug list.