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Upgrading a W7/W8 dualboot machine

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    Windows 7 & windows 8 Dualboot

    Upgrading a W7/W8 dualboot machine


    I already have a W7-W8 dual boot machine.

    I want to upgrade w8 to w8.1

    Are there any major considerations I need to be aware of when upgrading w8 to w8.1?
    Does the w8.1 upgrade handle and cope with an already dual-booting machine?
    I don't want to wreck/lose my w7 installation at all.


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    In my case, everything went smoothly, as far as dual boot is concerned, nothing was different. Do you have both on the same physical drive or separate ones.?
    P.S. Check if you have all the drivers for 8.1, there were some changes to how some drivers work in 8.1. Video cards most affected, specially older ones. If you find newer drivers install them first. There were some reported problems related to WiFi adapters too. Use 8.1 update readiness tool if in doubt.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    I didn't have any problem upgrading. But in the past, when working with a Preview version I did. My machine would only boot to Win 8. I was panicking because all my business stuff was still on the Windows 7 drive.

    All I had to do was to insert my install media, boot from it and go to the repair boot function. It detected both installations and put the dual boot back in place.
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Upgrading a W7/W8 dualboot machine
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