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Installing Windows 7 for Dual Boot with Windows 8.1

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    Installing Windows 7 for Dual Boot with Windows 8.1

    i've literally been working for almost 20+ hrs straight and i cannot seem to figure this out. i've read and youtube'd and read some more. every article posted seems to be kinda like my situation, but not quite so the answer doesn't seem to work for me.

    i need your help, PLEASE!!

    here's what i've done:

    - have a laptop with Windows 8.1 installed
    - partitioned 80GB of HDD for the Win7 install
    - configured BIOS to allow for the Win7 load via USB
    - when attempting to complete a 'Custom' install, not a single partition can be seen

    *this page, here shows you what my screen SHOULD look like once i get to the 'Custom Install' part

    windows makes it look like i can 'look for driver', however when i do...i'm at a lost what i should be loading as the driver. what driver?!

    can anyone PLEASE help me fix this?!! i just want to see my partitions and install and be done with this so i can go to sleep.

    thank you for taking time out to read this
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    Can you boot up Windows 8.1 then open Disk Management (use Win+X then click on Disk Management) then post a screen shot.
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    Screenshots - Progress Thus Far

    here's a few screenshots of what i've seen so far...somehow they got rearranged during the upload here. these are shots 4,3,2, and 1
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 01 - diskmgmt.jpg   02 - legacy support enabled.jpg   03 - rapid start disabled.jpg   04 - no drives.jpg  
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    UPDATE - i've successfully uncovered my drives. the solution was to extract the win7drivers for my chipset on the usb and load prior to install.

    NEW PROBLEM - win7 cannot be installed on partition because it's of the GBT Partion Style.

    i've deleted the partition, i've reformatted the partition, nothing.

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    Windows 8.1 x64

    A Windows 7 USB drive can boot to UEFI, but it needs an additional step to set that up. What steps did you take to make it ready?

    What version of Windows 7 are you using, does it contain the SP1 update?
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    It is the disk that is partitioned gpt. Formatting/deleting a single partition will not change that.

    You will either need to change it to mbr style ( that will muck up your win8, not necessarily a bad thing ) , or install 7 in efi mode.
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    Like SIW2 said, installing 7 in UEFI mode is the best course of action in my opinion.

    UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 7 with - Windows 7 Help Forums
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Installing Windows 7 for Dual Boot with Windows 8.1
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