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I can't install Windows 8 and I'm getting upset

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    I can't install Windows 8 and I'm getting upset

    I currently have an 80GB Windows 7 partition that is nearly 100% stock on my MacBook Pro. I've only installed MSE, IE9, Speccy, and I've downloaded 1 audio file. My computer specs are as followes:

    Intel Core i5-2435M @ 2.40GHz (Dual-Core)
    4GB dual-channel DDR3 RAM
    Apple Inc. Mac-94245B3640C91C81 (U2E1) Motherboard (Called Logic Board)
    Intel HD 3000 Integrated Graphics

    After downloading the Windows 8 Consumer Preview install file, I executed the installer. Windows 8 seemed to download normally as it passed the installer's verification, but Windows 8 itself will not install. I started the installation at about 11PM. It is now 4AM and when I went to check my computer. I hit a few keys to see if it was awake, and then I thought to myself that it was turned off due to inactivity. It was actually still on, but the display was off, and the backlit keyboard was off. I know because while holding the power button I heard the hard disk stop spinning, then start right back up again. I was greeted with the standard Apple chime, followed by a direct boot to my Windows partition. It then said that Windows was restoring my previous version. No error report, didn't tell me what went wrong, it just gave me my untouched Windows 7 desktop.

    Virtual Machines are not an option. I don't want to virtually run it and 1/2 or 1/4 the power, I want to run it 100% on a second partition.

    I was choosing "Save my files, settings, and apps" for the install type. Would choosing to save nothing maybe fix this issue.

    Please help!! This is all very upsetting!

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    Windows 8 Pro ($39.99 upgrade)

    Create a 25GB empty partition on OS drive, download Windows 8 and burn iso to disc, install windows 8 from disc onto blank 25GB partition, takes about 25 minutes.
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    Not sure what went wrong because I am not familiar with MacBooks. But I think a Virtual Partition is an excellent option.

    I run Win 8 in Virtual Box and it runs great. Boot time is 8 seconds and performance is fantastic. Plus you can switch between /7 and /8 seemlessly. My system is an i7 with a 60GB M4 SSD. The only condition is that you should have a fairly large monitor (20" to 24") because in Virtual Box you do not get full resolution. On e.g. a 15" laptop that is not a good solution. So you may want to do that on your desktop.

    I also have a dual boot (/7 and/8) on a laptop with an i5 and a Vertex2 SSD. That is a LOT slower - especially booting is a real drag, despite the SSD. I think that is a problem of the Win8 bootmgr. With Win7 alone, it is very fast though.
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I can't install Windows 8 and I'm getting upset
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