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Developers Preview vs. Consumer Preview

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    New Zealand
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    Windows 8 Developers Preview

    Developers Preview vs. Consumer Preview


    I downloaded the Windows 8 Developers Preview in September last year and have been offered the Consumer Preview through DreamSpark today.

    I haven't installed either but I have the Developers Preview already downloaded.

    Is there a difference? Is it big? Which would you recommend?

    Caleb Watson

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    well, since i try to never look back, i went on Win 8 C.P. Unfortunately this morning the 28 updates available where busy for 75 minutes, so i cancelled, restarted, but ..... the same.

    So tried to reninstall Win 8 C.P, but this did not work and i could not start in Win 8 D.P. Always the machine tried to finish (?) the updates.
    So deleted the Win 8 C.P, restarted Win 8 DP and will give it another try on sunday when i have more time.

    Thank god, that the reserved partition still works on the other drive.

    Anyway to answer your question, was on CP for 2 days and definitly go back A.S.A.P.

    At first it was annoying that

    Start disappeared

    Control Panel was DIFFICULT TO FIND

    explorer same

    powerdown same

    settings same

    search same


    Everything gets EASY:

    Winkey + I shows you: Settings (desktop/power/network)

    Winkey + Q = search

    Winkey+D = desktop after one click

    Winkey+ E = explorer

    Winkey+ W = search in settings

    So thanks Shawn for the good work you did.

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    Just installed CP and it took 50 mins WTF?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aem View Post
    Just installed CP and it took 50 mins WTF?
    I was disappointed as well. Hope it gets quicker in the RC.
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    Hafnarfjrur IS
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    Hi there
    can't understand this long install and poor performance stuff about W8 Consumer Preview.

    I installed on a small ACER NETBOOK -- took 17 mins (WITHOUT an SSD) -- installed from a USB.

    As for Developer preview vs Consumer edition -- I was going to keep the developer preview - but as I'm not a developer and have no interest in developing Metro apps I decided to go with the Consumer edition.

    Its run everything I want - and more swiftly and without problem any problems whatsoever.

    Desktop shown. It's faster than W7 (at least in my case).

    I also have things like Photoshop CS5.5 64 bit working and VMware running a couple of VM's including a Windows 2003 SERVER VM so no probs even for complex applications.

    To get decent short cuts on the desktop just from the Metro start screen on the app tile choose Open File location -- then right mouse click on the program and choose send to desktop==>create short cut.

    I like some on the desktop and some on the taskbar. You can choose either or both.

    I agree that particularly for the preview more people are going to tweak and tinker with their systems than the bog standard retail user the control panel should be on the start window by default -- but search the apps and then pin it to the taskbar and start window -- then it's there if you wanted. I had the same brief over the snipping tool -- did the same -- a couple of mouse clicks and you can forget about these really TRIVIAL problems.

    There are some changes I think we all would like to see -- the Tiles are too bland, not easily (if at all) customisable and the icons on standard windows applications e.g office stuff look ridiculously tiny and forlorn in the middle of that huge tile space.

    However this is a PREVIEW so I can live with these -- I quite like the navigation -- remember this is NEW WINDOWS not an UPDATE of W7. Both products will co-exist for many years --W8 is not being aimed at corporates who only having started rolling out W7 won't change AGAIN any time soon.

    With SSD's everything just flies (as does W7 too).

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    of course recommend the latest windows 8 consumer preview, there are many improvement waiting us to enjoy. (:
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    You can't expect the average user to know all the key combinations just to get out if 8 what was a quick simple mouse click in 7.
    I don't think the business community would go for something with such a major learning curve.
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    Well, my first impression of the Consumer Preview was that MS got it backwards. As if Developer Preview should have come after the Consumer version and not the other way around.

    What bothered me was, when installing CP, MS put it on my Win7.....I did not get the opportunity to choose my partition/drive myself.

    And then because installing updates was busy for about 75 minutes and not stopping, I deleted that partition for a fresh start. Since everytime I restarted updates kept on going, without doing anything???

    Then the 2d install and MS now did put the CP over the DP without asking again. not like not being in control of my own PC.

    Furthermore with DP, network was ok instantly, Lexmark printer was installled, but if you think it was like that in the CP, forget it.

    had to troubleshoot the problem with the printer and let MS fix it.

    The network was worse, could not set it up properly. Could not, from another pc, enter my machine. (on all 3 of them the same problem).So I had to create the other users on my CP version and then it was ok instantly. Something I never had to do before.

    But has said, no big difference with the previous version.

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    I think if you execute the setup.exe from the Source folder you'd get the choice to install it in the preferred partition.

    I totally forgot this and it too overwrite my W7, but luckily all files and programs remain as I selected to keep all settings.
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    WINDOWS 8.1 x64

    Well Aem, I installed first from the setup.exe, but no no option, so my good Win7 was gone. Then I tried through the downloaded file, some story.

    But install from a USB hard drive took me around -10 minutes

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Developers Preview vs. Consumer Preview
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