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Tutorial: Upgrade MBR boot disk to EFI boot disk

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    9. Enable Secure Boot

    At this point you can only enter UEFI BIOS by restarting Windows directly to UEFI Firmware:

    Settings, Advanced Startup, Update and recovery, Recovery, Restart Now.

    When WinRE starts, select

    Troubleshooting, Boot to UEFI Firmware.

    Once in UEFI BIOS, select Security tab and click Secure Boot: Enable, then click Install Default Secure Boot keys. This will offer protection from rootkits that try to install themselves to the bootloader.

    All done!

    The BCDBoot /f ALL command at configured the necessary UEFI BIOS settings by adding "Windows Boot Manager" to the list of bootable hard disk drives and enabled Ultra Fast Boot, which skips USB media check and UEFI BIOS hotkeys and goes directly to Windows boot. You may optionally disable Ultra fast boot and select Fast boot, so you can still enter UEFI BIOS at boot time by pressing Del or F2. (Options are valid for ASRock UEFI motherboards, your mileage may be different).

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    Comments and suggestions are welcome!
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    Dmitry, this is a very excellent tutorial (I am a technical writer; it is well written.) I would like to ask for your assistance. I am quite technically capable (have been troubleshooting since DOS/Win3, and once hacked and restored a Win2000 machine that had all user accounts deleted; including the admin account, with pure ingenuity...) -- Well, now I have not been 100% up on UEFI/ESP partitions and boot architecture. I have a 'primary' 1 TB disk that BSOD with inaccessible_boot_device, for no apparent reason. I am using a cloned backup (.5TB) disc in my system now, and using whatever tools I can find to repair the primary drive. Using Active@ tools, I can see that the drive, and all partitions and file systems read intact and healthy, except for the ESP. For that, So I copied the healthy 300mb ESP partition from the operational backup drive to the failed primary drive, and got past the inaccessible_boot_device message. However, I still have some issues; not getting to boot up. From this point, I'm guessing at what to do, I have full access to the drive (via USB) and any tools. Describing everything I did/tried/observed etc would take a long time. Would you be willing to connect via Teamviewer and help me fix the issue? We can use Teamviewer on the main/repair system and you can have remote control. and I can use a separate system to stay connected and with video, you can watch the screen/results as I go off-line with the repair system as I swap out the drives. Please write {my Forum ID} Thanks, Steve
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    Hi, Dimitry,

    This is a good tutorial. I used Paragon Partition Manager to convert my Win 8.1 MBR partition to GPT. Windows then stopped booting, could not find the boot loader. I can see the disk, partition, and even files, but it appears that the problem is that in the process, the new EFI partition got marked as "hidden."

    How can I "unhide" the converted EFI partition so my system can find the boot loader?

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Tutorial: Upgrade MBR boot disk to EFI boot disk
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