Back story: With Windows 7 Using legacy bios settings I was able to use EasyBCD to add another entry to the boot menu, referring to the boot.wim file of a copied ISO image to another partition of an internal hard-drive.

This allowed me to install Windows 7 from another partition and with an SSD drive I could get it installed in two minutes; however, when the bios settings was set to UEFI this doesn't work. It looks as if it is loading the Windows 7 menu to either install or use the repair tools however my computer doesn't fully load Windows 7 setup, which I presume is some how due to UEFI being used.

Same thing with Windows 8. It attempts and looks as if it is loading but then shuts down in about 30 seconds. Any ideas to get this to work? I prefer to install Windows from another internal hard-drive partition for quick installs.