I've been looking on the worlds greatest text book and am unable to find a solution. I'm using a retail version of Windows 8 Pro and am creating my on refresh images. I can perform a refresh just fine through the PC settings however after bit locker encryption I cannot use the refresh feature; in setting bit locker, it says "You will no longer be able to use Windows Recovery Environment unless it is manually enabled and moved to the system drive".

The Problem: I cannot find on the internet how to manually enable or move a Windows Recovery Environment so that I can use the refresh feature with bit locker encryption.

When I was using the manufacture upgraded OEM I was able to use the refresh feature with bit locker encryption, but not the retail version. I don't want to use a USB thumb-drive to house the recovery environment, I just want it on the hard-drive.

I found the convenience of using the refresh feature over image backup is that it wouldn't format the drive to restore the image, thus loosing the encryption. the refresh feature maintains encryption.

your help would be greatly appreciated.