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Changed all possible language settings, still doesn't work

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    Changed all possible language settings, still doesn't work

    Edit: I now also tried everything in this thread (How to FULLY change language settings.) even downloading the .reg file and it still doesn't work!

    I just bought a computer with Windows 8 and it came in a package deal and in that deal they included pre updated Windows and some basic apps installed. I usually wouldn't do the pre updated deal, because I want to be the one to turn on the computer first, so I can install it in English. But this was a really really good deal so I took it. I live in Norway so everything on Windows was in Norwegian. I have now changed all possible settings to English, including welcome screen, new account, system locale language and so on. I dug deep to find all places where it could be changed. Yet, STILL, when in the start screen, when right clicking on an app or something, it gives me the options in Norwegian. Though when in File Explorer, right click options are now in English. Some of the options in control panel type pop up screens are still in Norwegian but most are in English. In Uninstall a Program, everything is in English until I actually click uninstall and then the pop up stuff is all in Norwegian still. Though not all pop ups like that are. In the start screen when looking at all apps, when it's sorted by date added, then the categories are in English, when by category, they are in Norwegian. All kinds of little random places where it isn't changed. And yes, I have restarted the computer.
    I am confused. Is there any way to make those in English as well and why would they be left out when all other possible things aren't?
    Thank you for any advice!
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Changed all possible language settings, still doesn't work
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