Hi everyone,
The problem is the next:
I have new PC for that i was asked to setup and install software, i perform on it clean windows 8 install, it have single HDD 1TB that was partitioned by regular windows setup option to system drive C: 100GB and all left space was partitioned as drive D:
After setup finish i only boot to system to check that everything is OK and without to make ANY change to windows shut it down.
I physically disconnect HDD from new PC and connect it via standard USB 3 docking device to my own PC that also run windows 8 i can see the new connected HDD with all partitions without any problem! Than i create on second partition on new drive folder and copy there some files, after copy finished i disconnect the drive in safe way by performing "eject" option in windows.
i connect new drive back to new pc, boot to windows and access the second partition and it ... empty, no folder or files on drive, it also show like no space was used !!!

MOST IMPORTANT ! - Why it don't looks like security or permission or even hardware problem - NO any major security changes was performed on my own (old) PC, but most important fact when i connect other hdd to same dock station and create folder and copy some files and then connect it to NEW PC - problem does not exist !!! i can see and access without any problem the folder and files on both PC's !

I also tried:
to reinstall windows on new pc
to create or delete partition after setup in both PC's
to check folder and drive permissions and adding "everyone" with "full control"
to turn on "show hidden files and folders" and "system files" too
to copy or create new different type files

Interesting - if i create a folder in NEW PC i can see this folder on OLD PC and copy files to it, but whet i connect drive back to NEW PC it sometimes show the folder have those files and even use the appropriate space and programs even try to open those files without any security warnings but it cannot be open properly because files looks corrupted !

Thanks for any help !