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How to reinstall the pre-installed windows 8?

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    How to reinstall the pre-installed windows 8?

    my laptop came with a pre installed windows 8 having gpt format but i downgraded to windows 7 and reformatted it to ntfs,.. now I want to go back to windows 8 and format the drive to gpt again, but the external hard drive that contains the backup image was corrupted. What should I do? Help, thanks in advance!

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    Hi nana, and welcome to Windows EightForums!
    It may be a bit of a complex process but there are a host of knowledgeable members and staff here so hang in there, help is on the way!
    Check back often.
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    The hard part will be obtaining install media. One option is to order a set of recovery disks for you make and model from the OEM. Those will restore it back to the factory setup that was on it originally. You'll likely pay a fee for those disks though.
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    If you didn't delete the recovery partition there may be a chance to recover form it. Otherwise only option is discs. What model/make?

    This thread may be of some help: Unable to use built-in ASUS recovery partition
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    Hi Nana,
    As you formatted the drive B4 installing w7, youve probobly lost your recovery partition for W8, although youll still have you key in the bios.

    2 options
    Is it still under warranty, the shop were you purchased it MIGHT restore it FOC, or for a small price.

    if you registered your product with the manufacturer they might be willing to help you restore W8


    note to Popeye - Asus do not support W8 down to W7
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    hi, thanks for all your reply I was hoping there was something i could do about that but i guess I really have to ask/buy the discs from the manufacturer then, I have a SAMSUNG series 5 (np510r5e-s01ph) laptop and the receipt states that it does not have software warranty though.
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    Why do you believe the hard drive with the image is corrupted? There are several reasons a backup image may not work, and one could be the fact you have a different OS on the drive.
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How to reinstall the pre-installed windows 8?
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