Hi friends!

Some days ago I bought Asus Ultrabook S400CA with cames with an 24gb SSD and 500gb HD. Ultrabook performance ins't very good and I want to do a fresh Windows 8.1 install, without Asus craps.

I'm already have a Windows 8.1 Single Languem OEM ISO to do this, and I think that Windows key will bem retrieved from BIOS, but I worried about partitions. Currently, my partitions is set like this:

Click image for larger version

My doubts about this are:

1. How can I backup recovery partitions in this partition mess?
2. 24gb SSD is enough for a Windows 8.1 install?
3. If I install Windows 8.1 into HD, how can I use SSD for cache? This will really help performance?

Thanks a lot!