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Change Hotmail Address Associated With User Account

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    Change Hotmail Address Associated With User Account

    When I was installing and setting up WCP, I could not get it to recognize my Windows Live ID hotmail address (I don't know why), so I set it up with a new hotmail address. I figured "no big deal... I'll just set up a new hotmail account later and change my Windows Live ID to match it". Hah. Big mistake. Now I cannot get hotmail to give me that account name... it's already taken (yeah, I know... by me!)

    This is a mess. How do I change the hotmail address on my administrator account to my old, original hotmail address? How do I do it? (And no, I do not want to just create a new user account on my PC)

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    same problem here as well... i want to change my
    Change Hotmail Address Associated With User Account .. but how.. any one know how change it?

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    You should be able to switch to a local account, login, then simply use PC Settings to create a new Live ID. I did something similar when I first started playing around with the Live ID login. When I originally created the email address based login, I simple made something up. later I decided to link one of my 'real' accounts. The steps I followed:

    1. Currently logged in with a Live ID
    2. Open PC settings/Users - Switch to a Local Account
    3. Login with the Local account
    4. Open PC settings/Users - Switch to a Microsoft Account
    5. Complete the details
    6. Login with the new Live ID
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Change Hotmail Address Associated With User Account
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