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Unable to Copy Win8 ISO File On USB

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    Unable to Copy Win8 ISO File On USB

    Currently running WinXP, meets all requirement for Win8. However, when I try to copy the ISO file to USB using Win7 DVD download tool to create a bootable USB device, the USB I'm trying to copy it to will not show up in the list of "Devices to Copy In".

    I have tried this several times with 2 different USB drives, both 8GB, one with more than 4GB free and the another is completely empty. They both work perfectly well, but when I reach the screen with the list of devices to copy the ISO file on to (Step 3 of 4, Win7 USB/DVD Download Tool) they don't show up on the list despite re-inserting them and refreshing a couple hundred times. The only removable device that does show up is the Floppy Disk.

    Is there a possible solution to this? I would be very grateful if anyone could help.

    Oh, and using the DVD is not an option, since my DVD player crashed last week and I don't have the time to get it fixed right now, and I'd really like to get Win8 installed as soon as possible.

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    They don't happen to be SanDisk drives do they? Plug the drives in and go to This PC. Do they show up as Removable or Fixed? I have a couple of SanDisk thumb drives, they show up as Fixed media instead of removable media. The Windows 7 DVD Download Tool will only use them if they show up as removable. My Kingston drives work fine but it won't use the Sandisk drives. I had to go the diskpart route to make a bootable install drive with the SanDisk drives..
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Unable to Copy Win8 ISO File On USB
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