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Windows 8 new boot menu not showing

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    Windows 8 new boot menu not showing

    Hola, so I recently downloaded the W8 consumer preview, formatted, installed it, then installed w7 on a separate partition. Anyways, when I boot up I get the old, unappealing cold war era windows 7 boot menu. I'm just wondering if there is a way I could enable the new boot menu as I'm on a touch screen and would like to boot it up without having to go get my keyboard.


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    The problem is that Windows 7 installation replaced part or the whole boot environment.
    Microsoft recommends installing older Windows versions first to avoid boot problems.

    However problem can be solved:

    Download and install Visual BCD Editor - Windows 7/Vista. The tool comes with "Dual boot Repair" utility.
    Run it. Click "Automatic Repair" and confirm. This will place the Windows 8 boot environment in control and set Windows 8 as default boot entry. The new graphic boot-menu should be there after reboot.

    Only latest version of the product recognizes Windows 8. (Earlier versions recognize from XP till Window 7 !)
    You will be not very interested in switching from new graphic style boot menu to old text style but this can be done by adding and deleting an element to {bootmgr} object in BCD.
    If element "DisplayBootMenu" is present and set to true => old text style.
    Element "DisplayBootMenu" not present => new graphic style.

    Hope this helps.
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    Download and install Visual BCD Editor - Windows 7/Vista.
    Go for EasyBCD 2.1.2
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    Quote Originally Posted by vrosa View Post
    Download and install Visual BCD Editor - Windows 7/Vista.
    Go for EasyBCD 2.1.2
    So, just to be clear I use the "recreate/repair boot files" correct?

    I just want to make sure as I was being dumb and set the wrong partition active yesterday, I want to make sure my computer boots after I change something lol.
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Windows 8 new boot menu not showing
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