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Has anyone got the Windows To Go feature working?

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    Hi there

    Great stuff --I thought it had to be something like that as I got it all to work on an external USB Disk which the system detected as a Local Hard drive.

    There's still an issue with "Activation" however on products like Office :

    One Minor problem though -- Office -- even my Terminal Services MAK version detects "New Hardware" when you boot the disk / usb stick into a different computer, always prompts for re-activation.

    Not a normal problem but could be for "Non MAK keys".

    The same *might* be true when the product is released --the Windows System could require re-activation as it installs / sets up new devices when you plug the stick into a different computer. Prompts again also if you boot again with the USB device plugged into the ORIGINAL computer.

    (I've got round the problem for the moment by using a "portable" version of Office gleaned from (can't say where !!).

    Note I'm NOT advocating piracy -- I just want to get a decent "Portable to GO" USB / HDD to work -- with enough decent programs on it for it to be a really useful product rather than just a "toy". I don't want to have to keep re-activating every time I use the stick on a diffent machine --otherwise there's NO POINT IN IT - Otherwise I can just do what I did before - a bootable Linux distro with W8 / W7 installed as a VM under vmware. !!!!

    Ms will need to do something about this before making this a viable product.

    I noticed also the Taskbar problem with the USB Stick -- doesn't occur with an external USB disk.

    I'll shrink my USB disk partition ( just create another image with minimal components installed) to a size that can fit on to a USB stick and see if "Cloning" it and applying your modification to set the USB stick as a local HDD fixes the problem.


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    Before getting too excited - pretty sure this is for Enterprise customers only.

    Not many on general forums like this will be able to have one.
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    I'm wondering what the performance of the drives y'all are using is. I bought a 64gb Lexar s50 just to do this and the performance is HORRID. It took 80min for the imagex /apply to run on the drive, and it takes literally minutes to boot up, and to do anything w/in the OS.
    The read speed on my drive is ~20mb/s sustained according to HD Tune. I haven't done a write test as that requires all data to be removed from the disk. I'm backing up its current state now (via imagex /capture) and then will be erasing and doing a write test. All I can say is it's definitely not performant enough to be usable...

    I did the exact Ars Technica process from Win8x64 and installed the Win8x86 CP image on my disk.
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    I made a tutorial that is easy to follow. I also give you some performance data as I encountered it. I installed on a USB2 drive, a USB3 drive and also on a USB3 attached HDD. That I also ran from an eSata enclosure. Some ran really fast, one did not. For details see here: Windows 8 To Go - Setup on a USB Flash Drive or USB Disk
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    After x-64 bit base install W8 took 7.67 GB leaving me with around 23 GB left on a 32 GB USB stick -- so this ought to work fine on a 16 GB usb stick.
    I figured out the issues with Windows Update and Windows app updates, you have to change out the USB drive's driver file with an altered one. This will make the USB drive not be recognized as a removable device in Windows, but a local hard disk.
    How to Make Flash Drive a Local Disk |
    But the driver "USB_LocalDisk" works only in 32 bit version - or do you have tested it in 64 bit version ?
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Has anyone got the Windows To Go feature working?
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