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Boot Device Inaccesible *unique scenario, no AHCI*

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    Boot Device Inaccesible *unique scenario, no AHCI*

    I signed up here because I've spent the past 28 out of the past 36 hours trying to solve this issue.

    I upgraded from Vista to 8 and found out the hard way that installed programs do not migrate, so I gave my g/f an option. I could either downgrade and do Vista > 7 > 8 or she could install programs as needed.
    She took the harder option..
    So I downgraded back to Vista (yes it can be done for those unaware) and went through hell trying to delete a duplicate program files folder and a folder I named windows.8.
    Disregarding the folders after many headaches (and many attempts to take ownership that were allegedly successful) I upgraded from Vista to 7 without issue.
    I then tried to reinstall 8 from 7 and it got to preparing 100% (right before where it gives you the option to pick background color) and gave me an error kicking me back.
    My first instinct was the folders I could not delete (I had not seen the error) so after more headaches I found out renaming the windows.old and running disk cleanup will remove them (had to do it once for each folder)
    But the issue still occurred.
    My next instinct was the Master Boot Record. First I let Win 7 startup repair fix it, I then fixed it via command prompt. (just to be sure)
    Boot Device Inaccesible
    I finally saw the error name on the last attempt (attempt number 7) and researched, everyone else seems to have AHCI options in their BIOS, but this laptop does not. Also I had Win 8 installed before I downgraded so that alone removes AHCI as the issue.
    SO why can I go from Vista to 8 but not 7 to 8?
    What could I possibly be missing?

    I'll go help others while I await a response. Thanks in advance.

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    I was just investigating possibly changing the AHCI mode by hand in the registry, but both my ide and my AHCI modes are 3 not 1 or 0, and like I said before I don't even have the option in my bios...
    I considered installing from a USB thinking maybe it was the disc drive that was the inaccessible boot device but somehow I just don't think so (especially with all the noise this laptop drive makes during this process..)
    I just cannot figure out what I am missing...
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    USB install failed...
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    Well I just noticed ATI Catalyst Control Center contained IDE drivers for this laptop, I thought for sure that uninstalling those would do the trick...
    Made sense, when I went from Vista to 8 nothing migrated so they would not have been installed. But alas, uninstalling them did not fix it either...
    I'll go through the system to verify there isn't any remnants but now I am out of ideas again...
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    So nobodies got any ideas?
    I thought for sure I probably just missed something...
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    I'll bump this one last time, as I have put the laptop out of commission for now, since I now have a 2nd desktop in the house, but I still would like to know why this happened, if anyone ever figures it out...
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    I have no idea.

    Had weird issues trying to install it myself.

    Once you finally get it installed , it is like the land of princes and fairies - fairy wands popping out randomly to say hello .

    Beats me.
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    lol, I know, my desktop has not had an issue with it and this desktop has had 4 different OSs installed on it now (or at least the hard drive has)
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Boot Device Inaccesible *unique scenario, no AHCI*
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