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Windows 8 Reset Failure

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    Windows 8 Reset Failure

    I have just successfully installed Windows 8 (upgrade from windows xp).

    Although I recall selecting the option for clean install the set up progressed on an upgrade basis. I must assume that I failed to accurately select the clean install option.

    The Windows 8 upgrade to my five year old PC was successful. However, I was disappointed not to have done a clean install and wanted to remove unnecessary files including the Windows.old folder.

    I decided to try out Windows 8 reset option in order to reinstall on a clean basis. After some hours it reached 98% and declared it was unable to complete. It offered to restart - not surprisingly message "no operating system on drive".

    I wondered if I could load the Windows 8 pro upgrade DVD back in but was not sure that would work as windows Reset had reformatted my drive?

    Fortunately, I created a rescue disk with Macrium Reflect immediately after my successful windows 8 upgrade so this got me back to a position just prior to selecting Reset.

    Everything seems to be working fine but I am wondering how robust the Reset function is in Windows 8 and why it failed. Do I have some unknown hardware problem. I did wonder about running Chkdsk but I gather this is automatic at startup in windows 8. There are no messages to indicate anything wrong. Is there anything I should check?

    My intention was to get familiar with windows 8 and then immediately upgrade to 8.1. Will I get an option to do clean install when doing an upgrade from windows 8 to 8.1? If I do a clean install of 8.1 is it probable I will get same problem as in Reset or is that an entirely different process?

    Dell Vostro 1710 (5yrsold) was running windows XP now upgraded to windows 8 pro
    windows 8 pro upgrade DVD purchased from amazon uk

    Any advice would be most welcome.

    Thank you

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    You can do a clean install, but you need to delete the Windows 7 ( Win XP, Vista) install.

    Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade

    Quote Originally Posted by Microsoft
    What about upgrading the software? The software covered by this agreement is an upgrade to your existing operating system software, so the upgrade replaces the original software that you are upgrading. You do not retain any rights to the original software after you have upgraded and you may not continue to use it or transfer it in any way. This agreement governs your rights to use the upgrade software and replaces the agreement for the software from which you upgraded. After you complete your upgrade, additional software will be required to playback or record certain types of media, including DVDs.
    To clean install:
    1) Clean the HD Drive, using Step one in this tutorial:
    SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation - Windows 7 Help Forums
    2a) Clean install with the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disk.

    2b) Clean Install - Windows 8

    2c) UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 8 with

    For Windows 8.1.
    New Windows 8.1 requirements strand some users on 8

    Microsoft confirms some older AMD processors do not support Windows 8.1 - Neowin
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    windows 8 pro

    Windows 8 Reset Failure

    Hello theog,

    Thank you for your time.

    I am already running windows 8 pro having just upgraded from windows xp.

    I read all the stuff on the link you sent re. licence regs. I hope you do not think I may be wanting to do anything of an underhand nature.

    I had the message from Microsoft saying end of windows xp so I purchased the DVD for windows 8 pro upgrade. This is the first time I have installed an operating system. In truth, I only kept windows xp for so long because I wasn't brave enough to change it, not because I was too mean to pay to upgrade it.

    Are you saying I should remove my windows 8 install by reformatting the drive & then do a clean install back to windows 8 before doing the upgrade/clean install to windows 8.1?

    Perhaps I confused things when submitting the query. I just wanted to know this:

    1. Is the windows 8 Reset failure I experienced likely to be a one off or is the Reset function known to be problematic.
    2. Should I forget the upgrade to windows 8.1 and settle for windows 8 which is working and perhaps just run disk cleanup to remove trash left by upgrade.
    3. If I do go to windows 8.1 and I accept the upgrade offer from windows store which I keep getting messages for on my pc, could I use that upgrade to do a clean install to windows 8.1 or is upgrade the only option?
    4. If I can only go to windows 8.1 by doing another upgrade (not clean install) will the two upgrades (xp to win 8 & then 8.1) have left my system with unwanted clutter.

    I have run the windows 8.1 Upgrade Assistant which indicates my pc and devices are ready for 8.1

    Hope you can clarify for me.

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    St. Augustine
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    Can you post a screenshot of Disk Management? I am curious as how the HD was partitioned after the upgrade from XP to Windows 8 Pro and whether or not a Recovery Partition was created with the 8.0 upgrade.

    Did you do a Reset or a Refresh? These are vastly different in windows 8.

    Just guessing here but when if you tried a Reset the PC would try to go back to factory settings but couldn't because the Install DVD was not in the device. If on the other hand, you tried a Refresh, I think that function should work.

    Good for you for making the Macrium back-up before anything else so it sounds like you are well prepared with a backup solution.

    While MS may call going from XP to Windows 8 an upgrade it is a whole new OS. The upgrade from 8.0 to 8.1 is basically a new OS as well and not like the Service Pack upgrades with XP. Since you have the install media for your 8.0 Pro it seems like you could always reinstall your 8.0 if you don't like 8.1 or if the store upgrade to 8.1 doesn't go well.
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    Hello Gator,

    I have hopefully included the correct screenshot (not done one before).

    The small 118mb partition did I think exist prior to the upgrade to windows 8 pro. I think this is probably the recovery partition created by Dell which provided for recovery of pc back to factory settings i.e windows xp.

    I do not think that small partition was created by the 8.0 upgrade, but whether contents or size were altered I do not know. I have presumed it is now of no use. If I go to Settings - Refresh PC - Create Recovery Drive, " copy recovery partition" is blanked out. Not sure if that has any relevance.

    I definitely selected Reset & not Refresh. I had read that upgrade from windows xp to to 8.0 was a big jump and it was best to do clean install. Having somehow made a mistake and ended up with an upgrade, Reset seemed to be best option to achieve a clean re-install.

    The 8.0 installation DVD was not in the device when I clicked on Reset - there was nothing on screen to suggest it should have been. I did in fact check nothing in DVD device before proceeding with Reset in case it tried to auto load.

    The Macrium Image saved the day, have been making them for years but this was first time I ever had to use to restore pc. I always wondered how it would work. What I lack in techy skills I try to make up for with due diligence, which is why I am keen to know what might of gone wrong with the Reset before I decide if to proceed with 8.1.

    Hope the attachment screenshot is readable - in preview it seemed to allow to click on to make bigger.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Screenshot (3).png  
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    St. Augustine
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    Hey Hexie,

    No Recovery Partition, I suspected that. I have no experience with an XP to 8.0 upgrade but I think it is safe to say you do not have a UEFI installation but instead have a traditional BIOS installation. Considering the age of your PC, your hardware ( motherboard) likely does not support UEFI. I have no idea how that might or might not affect the functionality of windows 8. As I stated, the whole change in BIOS to UEFI is new to me and very confusing as far as I am concerned. The failure of your PC to complete a Reset is likely tied to your upgrade path and no Recovery Partition and/or no Recovery Media. The purpose of the Reset function is to get back to factory status but in your case that might be a moot point. I would think the Refresh feature would still be functional however. If you are not familiar with it you should read up on the Refresh feature and especially the built in utility to Create your own Refresh Image. There are some great tutorials in the Tutorial Section of this forum and much more if you Google Search "Custom Refresh Image" I think the Refresh capabilities is a valuable feature in Windows 8/8.1, The fact that you can successfully re-image your PC with Macrium is also a big plus on your side.

    As for some of your basic questions:

    1. I think the failure of your PC to Reset is directly tied to your particular type of installation and not indicative of the Reset feature in Windows 8 as a whole. I have always looked at the Reset feature as a last resort when Restore Point and Refresh do not work and if I didn't have a backup image like Macrium.

    2. As for upgrading to 8.1? That is a decision only you can make. I guess you are aware that MS is releasing a significant update to 8.1 early in April. ( 8.1 Update 1) In order to do the 8.1 Update 1 you might need to already be on 8.1 to do this but I don't think that has been determined yet. The 8.1 Update 1 is supposed to fix some problems in 8.1 and add functionality for the Desktop environment. Remember, 8.1 is basically a different OS when compared to 8.0. Unless you want to stay with 8.0 indefinitely the 8.1 upgrade is probably the path to take. It sounds like your PC can handle the upgrade to 8.1 and considering your backup capabilities (Macrium) you should be prepared it the upgrade does not go smoothly or you prefer 8.0 over 8.1.

    3. As for a clean install: You likely have a fairly clean traditional BIOS install of 8.0 but I think a clean UEFI install of 8.0 gets a lot more complicated and that is the assumption your hardware is even capable. The information in the first reply was in that direction plus I don't think you can do a clean install of 8.1 with an 8.0 product key.

    4. If the MS tutorials indicate your system is capable of handling the 8.1 upgrade, it should probably work as long as you make sure all your drivers are up-to-date. If you do the 8.1 upgrade I would do it before installing much more on your PC.

    I hope this is of some help. Like I stated earlier, I still don't have a firm understanding of the UEFI/BIOS change.
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    Windows 8 Reset Failure

    Hello Gator,
    Thank you for your reply.

    I had to google UEFI and found this article in PCPRO mag:
    UEFI BIOS explained | Analysis | Features | PC Pro

    As you thought I do not have UEFI, I found this out using tutoral on forum:
    BIOS Mode - See if Windows Boot in UEFI or Legacy Mode

    At the time Reset seemed to me to be the option to go for as it seemed to offer "keep nothing and re-install windows 8" this I thought would put me back to the same position as a clean windows 8 install.

    Time to learn from it and move on. I'll concentrate now on tidying things up and fully understanding the various windows 8 recovery options.

    I will work my way through the tutoral on the forum to create a Custom Refresh Image. Macrium Reflect worked for me but I like the idea of having another way to recover - just in case.

    Before creating the custom image I'll run the disk cleanup to remove my windows.old folder & anything else not required that it finds.

    I have not added any programs other than Norton Internet Security & Macrium nor reinstalled my personal files pending my decision on whether to go forward with windows 8.1. I have discovered I can make any files I need on my external drive available in libraries and I have some useful portable programs on a flash drive.

    Since it is unlikely I can do a clean install of 8.1 with my 8.0 product key, there is no great need to rush into it. I will wait a few weeks to see what is in the update in April, let the dust settle on that and read up a bit more on what benefits it may offer me.

    Main reason for wanting a clean install was just that I saw it as a means to combine the move from Windows XP to 8.0 with a spring clean of my 5 year old pc. There were no problems with the pc, I just assumed I must have accumulated debris over time.

    Thank you very much for your time, it has been most appreciated.

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Windows 8 Reset Failure
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