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Win 7 to Win 8 to 8.1 many partitions, what for? Why?

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    Win 7 to Win 8 to 8.1 many partitions, what for? Why?

    To me, this is very confusing. One partition might have been a Gateway restore but the techs that installed Windows 8 formatted the hard drive, they said, so it couldn't be that one remains, unless they weren't honest about it. So why does this old lady have so many partitions, and what can she get rid of?Click image for larger version Click image for larger version

    And how can a CD-ROM have a partition?

    There is an unnamed, unlettered 18 gb drive at the top. What is it? What good is it? If it has a use, how would I use it. Can I delete it?

    C has the operating system, D is a partition for my files, E, the EDSO-ISO but on a CD-ROM?

    Then it shows the removeable Kingston I which is a removeable Bluetooth drive I back up things to., then a SYSTEM RESE--what is that? How would I use it? Can I remove it?

    Restore would be SYSTEM REST wouldn't it?

    Then in the second picture (couldn't show all this on the screen with snipping tool, had to scroll down and take another picture,) it has CD-ROM 2 H 65 MB online.

    Is that Sky Drive, now named OneDrive, or something like that? Again, on a CD?

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    Why are you not show Disk 0 in the screenshots?
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    I might have been scrolled down, the things was so long it seemed I need two shots to get it all in. I just went to Disk Management and now it shows, and no multiple CD-Roms showing up as before. In fact the one CD-ROM I do have isn't showing up. I went to Device Mgr and now I get a message for the CD-ROM "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)" And the same message for the Kingston Removable USB Drive, except that the Kingston also shows up under Disk Drives, along with my HD and there it says it is working fine! Since it is a USB attachment, I looked at the USB section and all is well there, except there is only two Root Hubs and two
    Generic Root Hubs, which is odd as I have three hubs.
    I have no idea what made the difference or what happens. I was having BSODs and deleted programs as suggested, then I did a Repair Install (still having BSODs with one message has gone, now the infrequent message of Critical some thing or another Died is the regular one.Click image for larger version
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Win 7 to Win 8 to 8.1 many partitions, what for? Why?
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