Hi, i recently decided to give W8 a try. I did not want to install it to my primary system drive, as it is only 90GB SSD drive and there is not much space left. So i shrank 200mb from my other hard drive and created appropriate partition for W8 out of the shrank space. Once i installed W8 on that partition, it booted once for the first time boot, but as soon as i restarted my PC, it boots back to W7 with no dual-boot choice. Just straight to W7. I tried even changing HDD boot priority in BIOS to the HDD with W8, but no luck.

How do i fix this please? I would like W7 to be my primary OS, but still be able to choose on startup. My guess is that bootmg did not get updated for some reason, but i have no idea how to proceed.

Thank you very much in advance.