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Which Partitions Do I Need In Windows 8?

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    I'm in a very similar position to the OP; I have a Lenovo system that came with Win 8 x64, then tried Ubuntu (wiping Win 8 completely), and finally recovered Win 8 with Lenovo recovery media (4 Cds).

    I'm now at Win 8.1 and have 8 visible partitions in DM, so judging from a previous post there's probably another hidden partition too, bringing the total to 9. Ubuntu also shows in my boot menu.

    Here's how things look in DM:

    Click image for larger version

    As I have external recovery media, I really want to get rid of anything that isn't completely necessary. And is there a way of sorting out my boot menu so that Ubuntu no longer shows (sorry if I'm not being clear here - I'm not given the option to boot to it as I would if it were a dual-boot situation - it just shows up in the boot order, as if it were never properly deleted when I completely recovered the system to Win 8)? I presume Ubuntu can't still be hiding somewhere?

    Any help really appreciated!

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    Windows 8.1 x64

    If I was in your situation and was able to restore my system to a clean drive, I would do that. Since I do not know how that process works on your system, I would be careful not to remove the original Recovery Image partition, although it looks like that was duplicated also.

    Since it appears the drive was not clean and several of the original partitions were duplicated, then the windows 8.1 update duplicated some more, it is a little complicated to figure out which partitions part of the current install.
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Which Partitions Do I Need In Windows 8?
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