Hello everyone,

i need a little help with installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview ( Beta release ).
I found out about it on FB, followed the link, downloaded the app and started the setup.
I didn't installed it as it is supposed(burning the .iso on a DVD and then clean installing it, formating the whole C:\ partition), i installed it on top of Windows 7(i was to lazy to format the whole partition, and much more lazier to back-up files and restore them after the instalation).

Anyways, after waiting 4h to download, about 1h to install and prepare everything i got the BSoD, with the error message "0xc000021a".
I restored Windows 7, and installed Win8 to VirtualBox, but i'm not satisfied because it is horrible!
So i am wondering, will that happen if i try to clean install Win8 ?
Also, is that a problem with my hardware?
I have the MSI CX 620, and its running Windows 7 with no problems.