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Dell restore and recovery problem

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    Dell restore and recovery problem

    Hi guys,

    I am trying to restore my friend's Dell Inspiron computer. It came preinstalled with Windows 8. The system is so corrupted that the only way to make it work again is to do a clean install. It has loads of malware, viruses, pop ups. I can't even install or uninstall a program.

    I've tried using the dell restore and recovery program to no aval, doesn't even launch, same with Windows own recovery option.

    I've called Dell and spoke to them about the issue. They told me I have no software warranty and that to speak to them will be a charge. So I requested a recovery disk from them to which they sent me a usb.

    So, I booted with the usb and Dell Recovery & Restore screen appears.
    It successfully analyzes the drives. "The Dell Recovery Solution did not find any issues on your PC that we can repair. Please click on Continue to reinstall your OS"

    Initialize Backup and Migration process starts...
    After this is when my problem starts. I get an error message saying " Deploy_JukeBox.exe - Application Error-- The instruction at 0x400fe62d referenced memory at 0x000000000. The memory could not be written. Click on OK to terminate the program."

    I am confused as to what this issue is. Can it be that the USB that I was provided with Dell is just a recovery boot up and that I need a healthy partition for it to restore? So, if i have a corrupt hard drive in which the recovery partition is messed up then does it mean I can't use this method? I've heard that the cd-key is embedded into the BIOS chip and a simple windows 8 clean install from a disc should be no problem at all. The problem is where can I get a copy of windows 8 install disc? I've spoken to Dell and they can't provide me with it and gave me the USB. I've spoken to Microsoft and they want me to pay $120 for the disc. Upon purchasing my Dell, don't I own the cd-key? If so, why do I have to pay just to get it installed again?

    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by gooseman View Post
    Upon purchasing my Dell, don't I own the cd-key? If so, why do I have to pay just to get it installed again?
    Where do I find the Windows 8 product key when it was preinstalled on - Microsoft Community

    If you cannot find a proper copy of Windows 8 from Toshiba, a friend, or a friendly computer shop, you may want to go to a "torrent" site and download one of the many copies they offer for free. While it may seem illegal obtaining a copy this way, it is not. The only illegality of doing this would be to download and then find a way to activate the copy using a key that you did not purchase. When you purchased your laptop, you purchased the key that is hidden in the BIOS.
    How to clean install Windows 8.1 if you have OEM computer with UEFI firmware (BIOS) embedded Windows 8 product key?
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    How to order Microsoft official Dell OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks.
    Cost about $5.

    Oh well back to this one.
    Product Selection | Dell US
    Make a account.
    For US and CA Only
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    Theo, the link would be useful - but it is a bad request. Have you got one that works?

    Otherwise, it seems many are getting isos from the net.
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    You should be able to restore from the Recovery partition on the hard drive. Dell normally does this by pressing F11 or Ctrl+F11 during boot,as soon as you see the Dell logo.

    To make sure, please post the full model number of the computer and we can look at the Users guide to see what it says.
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    Try a refresh: Refresh Windows 8
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    8.1 reinstall from 10

    [QUOTE=gooseman;349119]Hi guys,

    I've tried using the dell restore and recovery program to no aval, doesn't even launch, same with Windows own recovery option.

    (USB recovery)
    I get an error message saying " Deploy_JukeBox.exe - Application


    It's Nov 2, 2016 and I had the same exact problem yesterday when I tried using the Dell reinstall USB I bought from them for $19.99...but I got it to work.

    At one point with the reinstall you are asked you Microsoft Password. It ended up being my Microsoft Store Password...and when you use it on the reinstall, it become your long on password.

    Start your computer normally to do some pre-install clean up

    1. go to Utilities & Operating Systems for Windows - Free downloads and reviews - CNET
    Install the cleaner...then run the registry clean.

    2. Go back to C/Net Utilities
    Install Advanced System Care free....The big button that says 'SCAN' it...let it clean up stuff. Juke Box exe. free -
    JukeBox - Free download and software reviews - CNET
    (I was thinking, maybe if this thing is corrupt, by reinstalling it, it might fix was just a shot in the dark)

    3. Install Juke Box...It's free,

    BTW...I trust c/net as long as the software is on their site, and doesn't direct you away from it.

    Now your ready...

    Turn off your computer...

    Turn on your computer...hit F2 to go to Bio's

    Arrow in Bio's to "Boot"
    Use Enter to open choice...arrow to move to your choice...enter to pick your choice

    First row......Disable (this is how your computer normally boots)

    Arrow down,...the next one.... mine said I needed to disable if I was doing a 'reinstall' ..." UEFI??" Disabled

    Arrow down next is closed because I disabled the one above

    Arrow down....Report Read errors?....Disabled.

    Arrow down...UBS Something...MINE WAS ENABLED

    1st Boot....ARROW over ........................Change to "USB Storage" if that is not an option...try "Floppy" because it works like a that your insert it into the computer...

    2nd Boot....Arrow over ...I chose the USB Storage Again.....

    3rd Boot...Arrow over ...I changed this to the normal boot because If it didn't work the first two tries, I wanted some way to get back in

    Almost'll be saving your changes and leaving the bio's into a 'boot' state....which should be USB

    Now you need to read the options at the bottom of the Bio screen

    Plug in your USB Dell repair

    "Save Changes" ....or "Save Changes and Exit" will be your choices...

    Screen will go dark...let it run eventually the 'Restore" screen will come up

    You have to stick around to "accept' and enter "Continue' now and then..also PassWord and I chose customize set up

    Mine then went through the entire process and gave me back my Windows 8...AND I never saw the JukeBox pop up again.

    One of the repair screens showed a big RED x when it checked 'Boot' but it didn't cause any hold ups or throw me out.

    Now...all Done?

    Not quite..

    Log off....wait....turn on...F2 back to BIO' need to reset the 'Boot' ....agan a "F" key shows use that.

    No pop up about Juke.Box exe...I don't know if adding the program Juke Box fixed it or running the two different utilities...but after hours of fustration...I got mine to work.

    I doubt if gooseman has waited 2 year to fix this...but I know when I ran into this problem, his was the only person I found who also had the same problem.

    Since I did find something that worked, I thought I would share with the next person who googles 'Juke.Box exe. error when reinstalling Dell 8.1 windows

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    Jorae did a very very good and thorough job of a walk-through solution!

    I only have one slight variation:

    "...2. Go back to C/Net Utilities -- Install Advanced System Care free....The big button that says 'SCAN' it...let it clean up stuff..."

    Many forums do not recommend using these types of cure-all/clean-all utilities. Use very cautiously, do a line by line checking only the boxes you really want the program to do.
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Dell restore and recovery problem
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