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What ver of 8.1 do I need if I want to change architecture

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    What ver of 8.1 do I need if I want to change architecture

    What version of windows 8.1 or higher do I need if I want to change architecture from 64 to 32 bit? I want to change my 64 bit to 32 bit machine. This way I can use some 16 bit applications. Yes, I know it will mean a clean install, that fine with me. I currently have windows 7 sp1 64 bit. Yes, I already know how to use disk part. My system can run windows 8.1. I wish I keep my windows 3.1 disk, I legally bought those, I read those could be installed with a 64 bit machine. I would of (and still may) try windows 7 but I figured windows 8.1 32 bit would have all the drivers needed. Just need to tell the installer, I want a 32 bit install, not a 64 bit install. I looked at the dell drivers, in the folder. It has drivers for Vista 32 bit, Vista 64 bit, W7 32 bit, W7 64 bit but not 8.

    Thank you in advance

    Even though it is possible from reading goof installs, do not install a 64 bit on a 32 bit machine.

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    If you intend to install any 32bit Operating System you'll need to use the 32bit installation disc.
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    There are no 32 bit machines, only the drivers matter. If your computer manufacturer (presumably Dell) does not release 32 bit drivers for 8.1 on the machine you want to install to, then you may encounter problems later (with drivers). If you cannot find the correct drivers, I would recommend installing the OS that drivers ARE provided for, OR buying a newer computer that will have drivers for the newer OS (either on a CD or online).
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    You might want to think about running the programs as a virtual client under Oracle VirtualBox or VMWare.

    Perhaps install XP 32 bit then install and run the program under XP as a virtual client.
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What ver of 8.1 do I need if I want to change architecture
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