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    Windows 8.1 questions

    I am satisfied with windows 7 sp 1 for now, I got most if not all of the issues worked out. I do have some questions for windows 8.1 this will help me decided. According to the adviser my system would work with 8.1 and the 7 drivers are compatible and so is my hardware. I really don't need the metro apps. I actually did a clean install of windows 7 sp1 using a dell re-installation disk, I had issues with windows update. Which is fixed. My system came preinstalled but I got the re-installation disk from dell. Had some issues with one driver, got that fixed. Does windows 8.1 home full install require windows 7 or 7 sp 1 to have a system reserve partition? I don't have a reserve partition. Can you do a clean install with home?

    Partition size for a 500 gb hard drive.
    I know how to use diskpart really well now.

    If I understand correctly, to get media player to play DVDS you would have to buy windows 8.1 pro plus a media pack. I think it might be cheaper to find a DVD player software.

    If you want to change from 64 bit machine to a 32 bit machine if you have to get windows 8.1 pro full install. (I have 32 bit drivers for this system with maybe exception of one)

    If you don't use the metro can you use 1280 x 720 resolution instead of 1600 x 900?

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    Hi Groze

    Welcome to Eight Forums.

    Have a look at the following:

    Suggested Steps To Take Installing And Setting Up Windows 8

    Hope this helps answer some, if not all, of your queries

    Keep us posted on your progress
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Windows 8.1 questions
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