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HDD to SSD transfer, but computer is now slow

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    If you are running at SATA III, then something is definitely wrong; however, even if you are running at SATA II, then its still no good IMHO. Here is my same drive model (I have two of the same), running at SATA II speed, in a USB 3.0 docking station:

    Click image for larger version

    You speeds are way too low for that SSD (even at SATA II) for that premium drive. I'd either rethink my firmware update strategy or take it back for a new drive. Just my opinion. Good luck with your own decision.

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    It more than likely is SATAII, something which I didn't even think about before updating. Thanks for pointing things out for me though, it has helped. Take care (Rep giving must not be a strong point for me, I still need to 'spread some around'...)
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    Thank you for that acknowledgement and good luck with your issue.

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HDD to SSD transfer, but computer is now slow
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