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I have dell n5110
I installed windows 8
and the getting files ready has finished when the computer reborted
windows is not opening just a black screen is coming
please some one help me
You need to follow post #22 & #23 above or here's a step by step to resolve your problem:
  1. Using an HDMI cable to connect your laptop to a TV HDMI port
  2. Boot up your Laptop. You should see the screen display on the TV.
  3. Download the BIOS from the link in post #22. The latest version is A11
  4. Update your BIOS
  5. Disconnect the HDMI cable and reboot.
I have had No issues with windows 8 with my N5110, before I upgraded from 7 to 8 I updated my bios which I recommend to everyone that has some technical knowledge, and my screen is working at perfect resolutions for the graphics card I have. Please update BIOS to A11 before upgrading so before you even put the upgrade disk or stick into the computer go to the Dell website and download the bios.