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Can't reboot back into win 8 pro after a clean install

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    Can't reboot back into win 8 pro after a clean install

    Upon rebooting windows presents me with "choose a keyboard layout" screen. Then it goes to the repair and troubleshoot screen. At this point I shut down or try refreshing. At this moment I am waiting for refresh to finish.

    All my problems started with a badly hosed laptop of which I got cleaned up. This laptop has been dropped from a couch onto a hardwood floor.

    This an hp pavilion will not let me boot to a rescue cd. So I ran windows setup from the desktop. Hope this is not too difficult to understand. It is my daughters laptop.

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    This laptop has been dropped from a couch onto a hardwood floor.
    Well... sadly when a Hardisk (for laptop or the 3.5 inch desktop/workstation) is being dropped, moved, is vibrating for various reasons as an earthquake, they get damaged, in some cases even if they have an G-force sensor which is parking the head of the hardrive.

    It is not recommended, and advised to move the laptop in the house, change position while is working/powered up, as the hardisk can get corrupted.

    So, I assume that the hardisk from your daughter laptop is with an traditional hardisk, which has mechanics in it and now is having some FIZICALLY BAD SECTORS ON IT.

    I assume the hardisk is NOT an SSD (a hardisk made like an usb disk).

    So, the bad news is that IF you have IMPORTANT data on it is possible that it will be LOST but, sometimes RECOVERY of the Data is Possible, or a part of the data.
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    RE: bad drive

    Yes it is a 500 gb hard drive. Bet your correct that it has bad sectors. Fortunately I did get to make disk and partition backups which I have on an external drive.

    So I guess it is off to newegg for a new hd. Thanks for poiinting thiis out to me.
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    If my diagnostic is correct and the hardisk has been damaged, then replace the hardisk from the laptop with a new hardisk, install your operating system from the CD/DVD, back-up image etc.

    Now for data recovery you have 2 options:

    1. Go for at some professionals which are earning the living from data recovery, this will cost but it has the biggest chanches to be recovered if they are not scams and they know what are they doing.

    2. Go with a Do-It-Yourself solution which will NOT cost you money, but will have a lower chances of success.
    a) If the hardisk is "being seen" in the bios, make an image of it with a "SECTOR-BY-SECTOR" approach.
    b) Mount the image of the hdd and scan it with recovery software
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    Do you reccomend what software for the sector by sector copy. When she first told me about the accident she said the screen was pink. But somehow that went away. I think it was maybe a pinched cable.
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    hope you like this forum as much as I do.
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    I would play a little bit with the hardisk before throwing it to the trash. It will be time-consuming but maybe you are lucky and you can save / use some part of the disk.

    Install Hard Disk Sentinel (HDSentinel) and give and Write+Read test. The time consuming it will be about ~12-24 H, but after the process will be finished, you can see the hardisk map, with clusters if and where are they located.

    Now, for example if the hardisk is having 1000 GB and only the first 100 GB is damaged, and the Last 20 GB, then you can still make use of the middle part of hardisk, so you can Isolate the bad sectors by making partition where the hardisk is healty.

    As there is a big possibility that bad sectors to trend to grow over the time, If the bad sectors are like in the example above I will make an partition in the middle. between the first 120-130 GB and the last 30-40 GB and using the notebook hdd like an usb stick in an external case for NON-IMPORTANT data for stuff that can be re-downloaded.

    Anyway, on the "healthy" part of the hdd I will test it like coping there big files and check MD5 and SHA sums to see if the data gets corrupted.

    I am glad when I can help, Good Luck!
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    I would use ACRONIS, booted from an USB stick or CD/DVD.

    As far as I remember there was some free - non license version for acronis for Segate hardisk maybe even for WesternDigital etc.

    Edit/PS: I used sevenforums which is the brother/sister of this forum and I recived very good documented answers there regarding my problems. This one is smaller /tiny as it is pretty new, as the win8 is newer, and I assume there are little people using win8/8.1 for various reasons.
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    Ok..sounds good I will let you know my progress.
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    First do the data recovery / image if it is neccesarry,
    Second check the hdd with Write+Read from hddsentinel.

    You could go with "Reinitializate surface" which writes zeros but that will only wipe the hardisk sectors like what called back in time as an hddlowlevel format, but choosing Write+Read will check it sector by sector where the delays and bad's are residing.

    Other tools that you can play and waste some time will be hddregenerator, Repartition Bad Drive and PBD(Partition Bad Disk) but the most (correct from my point of view) intensive and stresfull test will be with hdsentinel write+read.

    I my case, I had no luck with hddregenerator and Repartition Bad Drive and PBD(Partition Bad Disk) with my old laptop hdd which was smashed by my fists (I got angry by my ex-girlfriend so I hit the laptop instead of her, anyway now I have another fiancée). But, maybe in your case you, or someone else reading this will be more lucky.

    Dmitriy Primochenko Online - Repartition Bad Drive

    Partition Bad Disk: isolate bad sectors to fix the bad sector problem of disk; Copy Bad Disk; Wipe Bad Disk; URR

    Some Print Screens of my Hardisk after the smashing:

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version

    In the firstprintscreen is what the ReinitializateDiskSurface test (write zeros 3 times/sector) find. The same bad apperead, in the first 10 Gb of data, when scanning with hddsentinel, partition bad hardrive etc, and what WAS beyond the first 8-10 GB of data was as "sane" / healthy.

    In the Second Printscreen you can see the Write+Read test which revealed that the hardisk is studded and splashed with bad secors all over it.

    This is why using a partition which was made in the middle, and closer to the end rather than the start of the hdd, gived me data corruption while checking sha and md5 sums of iso, problems when opening movies, copy and reading from the hdd. However, I got an new hardisk a Seagate ASG with G-force protection, back then the SSD where not on the market yet (5 years ago), or at least I did not find an ssd of 500 Gb notebook at a good price. Anyway ssd has some disavantages too...

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Can't reboot back into win 8 pro after a clean install
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