I have a dual boot system with Windows 7 x64 Home Premium on the c: partition, and Windows 8.1 on VHD created on the second partition d: of the single HDD in the machine. Because of a major problem in Windows 7 I had torestore it from a backup, and of course the result I lost the ability to boot into my VHD.
I cannot find the vdisk with Windows 8.1 in the disk management, but I can find the .vhd file on the d: partition when I open d: form the explorer, so it is still there not harmed by the restore operation.

I hope anyone of the professionals in this forum would helpme to fix the dual boot to both OS's because I have some important files inWindows 8.1 that I cannot afford to loose.

My System: Toshiba Satellite A500
Intel Core 2 duo CPU P8700 @ 2.53GHz
4GB ram
System Type 64-bit
Main OS Windows 7 x64 home premium SP 1 on c:
VHDWindows 8.1 Pro. on Partition d: