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30 second boot delay with new 250GB Samsung SSD

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    30 second boot delay with new 250GB Samsung SSD

    I replaced a Kingston 128GB SSD with a Samsung EVO 250GB SSD. Cloned Kingston SSD to new Samsung SSD using Acronis True Image.

    Now, when I boot, it sits there for 30 seconds flashing the hard drive light blinking then proceeds to boot normally. All BIOS settings are default.

    Hardware details in Specs.

    Booting from the 128GB SSD was fine, no obvious delays.

    Any idea what might be causing this? Could the new SSD be defective?

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    Hey Rich,

    Since it's for 30 seconds, it sounds like the time it waits before the default OS runs automatically. You might check to see if that may be it.

    Startup Options - Change Time to Wait before Default OS Runs
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    I only have Windows 8 installed, no dual boot. I don't get the Choose an operating system screen.
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    The 30 second delay is immediately after the Lenovo logo is shown. It sits there with the hard drive lite blinking for 30 seconds, then I get the normal rotating circle thing and normal very fast boot.

    The 30 second delay is annoying to say the least.
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    I think I'm going to do a new image backup of the SSD, then start over with the Lenovo Recovery flash drive I created. I'll see if there is a wipe and start from scratch path and if so, take that and see what happens. I also have the 6 disc recovery set from Lenovo. I wonder if I should use that instead?

    To late to start this tonight but I'll get the image backup done then take a whack at it tomorrow when I have lots of time.
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    If you like, you might give troubleshooting with a clean boot a try to see if it may reveal a cause before reinstalling.

    Troubleshoot Problem with Clean Boot in Windows 8
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    That's way after the problem occurs I believe. I'll try it any way.

    Edit: Nope, no effect.

    I'm thinking this is a BIOS or a SSD problem. No BIOS update available.

    Strange this did not happen with the 128GB SSD I had in here before.

    I think I'll see if I can contact Samsung and see what they say.
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    if this happens after windows starts you can check Event log (including boot parameters). If before that then you have problems with hardware (including BIOS) config.
    One possibility though is that windows does not consider shutdown on your box as clean (for true or false reasons).
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    Double check your BIOS/UEFI settings to see if there may be any for a delay or wait during boot that could be for this.
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    I'll try disabling fast boot.

    I've looked all through BIOS setup but did not see anything delay or timeout related.

    I don't understand why it's happening with the new Samsung 250GB SSD but did not happen with the Kingston 128GB SSD.
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30 second boot delay with new 250GB Samsung SSD
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